From 96% Class 10 to Failing in CA Exams

Inspirational CA journey of Siddhant

Sharing an Inspirational Story of a boy from Amravati who always stood 1st in school but failed in CA Final 2 times. He shares how Failure has made him stronger & wiser and he tells us it’s okay to fail even if you are a School Topper.

From 96% in 10th grade to Failing CA

"I cleared my CA Final in 3 attempts. It is difficult to accept failure, especially in studies when one has always been THE BRIGHT CHILD all through school & college. However, CA has given me the LIBERTY to Fail to make me Stronger," says Siddhant S Chordiya from Amravati.

"It has given me the FREEDOM to Fail ONLY to SUCCEED again !!! It has CHANGED a lot of my Perspectives and Beliefs.

Failure and its effects on Parents

At times failure is not only tough on oneself, but also on your parents. I remember, to give my CA Final exams I went to my hometown, Amravati. The day I reached home I fell ill. I was diagnosed with Dengue. I still went for the exams on medication. I DID NOT clear again.

On my result day, I heard my father crying over the phone. Which I have NEVER SEEN and NEVER EXPECTED. The whole world forgets you BUT on the RESULT DAY THEY ALL REMEMBER YOU MAGICALLY...," he giggles.

"Luckily, my parents have always been very supportive. But seeing THE BRIGHT CHILD fail a couple of times can be tough on them too...That acted as the motivating factor for me. I HAD to BOUNCE BACK... Failure only ADDS LAYERS to MENTAL STRENGTH' I was now stronger mentally to clear. The NEXT ATTEMPT I DID CLEAR..!!!

My CA experience has taught me

  • THAT IT IS OKAY TO FAIL even if you got a 96 percent in your 10th Std ( I did get 96 percent) !!!!
  • ANALYSE your failures, ACCEPT your failures, and LEARN from failures.
  • If you don't learn from your past mistakes then it's not worth pursuing anything further. That's patience. That's trust in your own ability.
  • Plan your work and work on your plan", he concluded.

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