My Father's Belief In Me Helped Me Succeed

An Inspirational story of how Gargi took her Dad's belief in her and pursued Chartered Accountancy (CA).

"I was in grade 2 when I scored full marks in Mathematics. It was then that my father randomly stated - I am sure you will become a CA. The word 'CA' stayed with me since then," says Gargi Rai from Delhi, India who cleared her CPT(1st level CA) with a 163/200 score in June'17.

Pursuing CA because my DAD Believed in me:

" Whenever anyone asked me what I want to be when I grow up, I would proudly say - A Chartered Accountant. I would notice their expressions which clearly revealed that I was too young and unaware of what I was trying to pursue. I did not know what is CA myself but what I knew was - I was good at mathematics and that my DAD BELIEVED I could pursue something as challenging as CA.

When I was in 8th Std, I started researching about CA. In 10th std, we had to submit a project on the CAREER CHOSEN. In that project where kids hardly got 5 to 6 marks, I scored 10/10 with a compliment WELL DONE. When scored really well in grade 10, everyone kept telling me to opt for Science, but I was clear it has to be CA so I chose Commerce stream.

In 11th std when students were asked what they want to pursue after their 12th std, 90% students said CA. However after 6 months with 10 - 15 workshops about careers, when they were asked again what they wanted to pursue - They changed their minds to Bcom / BMS / LLB etc but I was still focused on CA. After all, A DREAM IS A DREAM. I am all excited for my IPCC (2nd level CA) exams in May'18," she concluded.

Note: She could be reached on FB Gargi Rai/


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