Factors To Consider If You Want To Become A 'Lawyer'

Most students when they think Law, they think Courtrooms! However, the role of Lawyers is beyond courtrooms. Read the journey of Tuba to learn more.

My Journey:

“I first completed my graduation in Financial Markets from H. R College and then opted for a 3-year law course from Government Law College (GLC) which gave me an insight on the importance of Law in Business,” says Tuba Ansari BFM, LLB from Mumbai. She is also a visiting faculty and guest lecturer in renowned colleges in Mumbai and has presented and published various articles on National levels. She has done several diplomas and is also a qualified Company Secretary (CS).

“Unlike the 5 year Law student it became easier for me to understand subjects like Taxation and Banking Law (since I graduated in Financial markets before pursuing Law) which helped me develop skills required by a Corporate Lawyer. Later when I started working in a Corporate Law Firm I specialized in Project Finance, Mergers and Acquisition, I could relate to all the things that I studied while graduating (Financial Markets). Considering my interest in media I also pursued a Post Graduation in Intellectual Property Rights and a Diploma in Cyber Crime and Data Privacy.

Do Law and CS go hand in hand:

  • Along with this I also started pursuing Company Secretary (CS), however, I later realized that in India one can practice either as a CS or a Lawyer and I always wanted to practice as a Lawyer.
  • However, since I started my CS journey I continued and qualified as one.
  • So a lot of people have this myth that CS and Law go hand in hand (I had it too) but let me make it clear - It’s just a waste of time (in my opinion) if you pursue CS and Law without a plan in mind!
  • So if you have a plan in mind and you know in future you would really need the knowledge/degree then pursue CS.
  • However, if you are doing it just because some relative or some friend is doing CS with Law then please do not waste your time.
  • Definitely, you get the knowledge/degree but do you really want to put in so much of efforts just for the sake of knowledge/degree...instead, you might rather go for some additional courses in Law (certified courses) itself which could help you specialize in future.
  • Intern and work harder and specialize in the area you wish to pursue once a Lawyer.

Why Did I Pursue Law Studies:

  • Law is one of the world's traditional professions, pursue it and be prepared for a life of comfortable respectability.
  • You aren't fooled by the media myths about the legal profession.
  • You get an insight into a whole range of disciplines.
  • Law affects every part of our lives and it is really not difficult to find examples of that: Driving a car, buying something from a shop, getting into a fight, being employed, renting a house and the list can go on and on.
  • Law is an attractive field especially the image that it builds on someone when u say you are an Advocate.
  • It has a wide scope however it requires a lot of hard work and interest.
  • A career in Law is not only limited to courts but extends to various - Corporate Houses, Law Firms, Administrative and Judicial firms are all open for a very lucrative legal

Who Should Opt For A Career In Law:

  • There is no particular type of personality to become a lawyer.
  • Anyone who has a keen interest in becoming one can definitely go for it. However, it requires a lot of research, reading, good command over the legal language (especially in case of a Corporate Lawyer because it requires a lot of drafting) and a sharp mind.
  • When I say sharp mind it doesn't mean someone who scores distinction but someone who is very spontaneous and clever.

Best Places To Study Law From:

If you are planning to pursue a career in Law, one of the most important thing that should be looked into is the Law School that you are applying to. Your college and internships both matter to be successful. In my opinion:

  • First Preference - National Law Schools (Any city)
  • Second - NALSAR / Government Law College / MS Ramaiah College of Law
  • Third - ILS Pune / Symbiosis Pune

If you are a law graduate from any one of the above your journey becomes smooth especially in case of National Law School (NLS). NLS students are preferred the most (in my opinion, there are always exceptions!)

A lot of times I see Law students sitting in libraries and referring to various books but that’s not the only thing required. Apart from reading do a lot of internships, interning will teach so much. Yes, self-study is very important in Law and one has to read a lot but practical experience is also needed. So have a balance between both.

I interned at a couple of places and its very important to try your hands on a couple of internships as that helps you to figure out your area of interest (Internships are a mandate if you are planning to pursue law. Also try your best to add some good Tier-1 firms to your resume).

Law Exams:

Law usually has Common Entrance Exam / CLAT. However, some Universities have their private entrance tests too.

Is law only about fighting in courts?

  • I still remember this incidence - When I cleared my LLB and met some of my relatives at a social gathering the first question they asked me was – Tuba, which court are you practicing in and what lawyer are you. Really?!
  • Well, people, especially in India, have a mindset that law is pretty much divided into Criminal or Civil which is not true. They also feel every Law graduate visits a court on daily basis, which is not true!
  • When we talk about Law it’s a vast as a career. One can opt to become a Corporate Lawyer or a Media Lawyer or Cyber Crime or Banking Lawyer etc.
  • Even Corporate Law has many options like Private Equity, M&A, Project Finance etc. So according to one`s interest, one can choose the field of specialization.
  • So guys please remove this myth from your head - There are no such boundaries once you are a lawyer you can practice in any court of law and any kind of case be it criminal or civil or corporate it all depends on your interest and knowledge.

Job opportunities for Lawyers:

  • There are immense job opportunities available for lawyers but again the highest preference is given to law graduates from ‘National Law Schools’ and with a good internship exposure.
  • Your law school and internship matter a lot especially when applying to Tier-1 law firms.
  • One can apply to Law firms, Industries, Banks, Media Industries etc.
  • Wherever there is an existence of business or human there is a need for a lawyer.
  • I repeat again, intern as much as you can!

Can we practice Law if we move to another country:

  • Indian Law is typically adopted from the British Law so it’s somewhat easier to practice in the UK compared to other countries. However certain countries apart from the UK too can be looked into after clearing certain law papers,” she concluded.

P:S: You can reach her at tuba.ansari14@yahoo.com/thecastory@gmail.com



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