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Our world has become technology-driven, and perhaps because of that reason we are almost always of the opinion that only tech professionals can build great startups. 

But did you know that non-tech professionals also play a huge role in his ecosystem?

The ever-so-crucial roles that these non-tech professionals or finance guys play are often untold but take them out of the ecosystem and it might fall like dominoes.  

In a conversation with CA Jarna Gaglaani, CFO at Udrive a leading Car Sharing startup in the UAE, she mentioned, 

"Most of the time what entrepreneurs fail to understand is that finance people are not just accountants or bookkeepers!

Finance people can interpret data and provide valuable insights. They are not just about your typical Profit & Loss and balance sheet, they go way beyond that.

I think the day the management, founders, or VCs understand this, they would all realize the value we can bring into decision-making."

The Finance Story is launching - Startups: A billion Dreams 

We’ll be interacting with various startup founders, CFOs of startups, VCs, and people from the startup community to get insights into:

  • “How are finances managed in a startup?”
  • “What can non-tech finance professionals bring into a startup?”  
  • “How to prepare a pitch deck?” 
  • “How valuations are done?”
  • “What is the best financing option for a startup?”
  • “What are some factors that make a start-up attractive from an overall financial perspective?”
  • “What are the career opportunities for a non-tech person in startups or the VC space?” 

Are you a non-tech finance professional curious about startups?  

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