How this CA Final student blanked out during his IPCC exam yet cleared group one in the first attempt with his never give up attitude

  • Meet Srikanth Reddy, a CA aspirant who prepared meticulously for the CA exams, and in the end, he achieved what he wanted because of his “never give up” attitude.
  • After 4 months of diligent IPCC preparation right before the day of his exam, his grandfather passed away. And because of that he became completely devastated.
  • On the day of his IPCC exam, while writing the Accounts paper, he got a mind blank. So many negative thoughts came to his mind that he was about to get out of the exam hall.  Nonetheless, he pushed himself and completed the paper as he decided to  “Not give up”  after all the hard work he had put in. 
  • In the end, all his efforts paid off and he cleared the 1st group of IPCC. He even got the opportunity to pursue his articleship at a reputed CA firm.  

Preparing for IPCC

For IPCC (2nd level CA exam consisting of 2 groups, Group 1 & Group 2) I took coaching from a small institution in Kakinada, Andhra Pradesh which is my hometown. I prepared very well for a good 4 months for both groups.

Right from the start, I decided to appear for both groups. I had a meticulous plan made for each subject. I never took theory subjects alone; I always balanced them with one practical subject. The last one month I allocated for revision of all subjects, I again had a proper schedule made.

Apart from studying really hard, I also wrote mock exams. Writing mock exams helped me focus on my presentation, my writing speeds, etc. It gave me confidence and reduced my stress levels by giving me enough practice. I recommend writing mock exams to everyone.

Getting a mind blank in the exam

Unfortunately, one day before my IPCC exam my grandfather passed away. I was completely disturbed. The whole day I kept thinking about his demise and was very upset focusing very little on my studies.

However the next day I went for my exam - Accounts paper. Initially, I started writing well but suddenly my hands couldn't move. I got completely blank and my mind was filled with negative thoughts.

I stopped writing and started to think if I should leave the exam center or continue writing. I knew if I walk out then all my efforts of 4 months would go down the drain. Also, all the efforts and sacrifices of my parents would be wasted.

So after all this self-talk, I decided to continue writing with whatever time I had and I attempted only for 78 /100 marks. In the other exams, I stayed focused and gave my best.

On the result day, I was surprised to see that I scored 70 /100 marks in that 1st exam paper i.e. Accounts and that paper dragged the remaining subjects and I passed Group 1 in that attempt with 203 marks (200 being the minimum).

Today I am doing my articleship in a reputed CA firm. This has all happened because I took that one decision of “Not giving up”.

My suggestion to all

Take the right decision at the right time.

There is no need to hurry at any point in life, as everything has the right time.

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