This CA Final student took multiple attempts at clearing IPCC and CA final exams yet never gave up

  • Hi, my name is Anshul Kulwal and I am a CA Final student from Indore, Madhya Pradesh.
  • Even after scoring a mere 9 marks in 12 grade Math exam I still registered for CPT and cleared the same in the 1st attempt.
  • The journey of becoming a Chartered Accountant is full of roadblocks and challenges. And I am here to share my journey of failing multiple times yet not giving up on my dream of achieving the prefix CA.



"I was a very average student. I dreamed of becoming a CA in 2006 when I was in grade 9 and after class 10 I chose Commerce. In class 12, I scored a mere 9 marks in Mathematics but I still registered for CPT (1st level CA exam) and cleared the same in the 1st attempt,” says Anshul Kulwal, CA Final Student from Indore, Madhya Pradesh.


IPCC Journey:

After clearing the CPT exam I started preparing for CA - IPCC (2nd level CA exam which consists of 2 groups, Group 1 & Group 2). Here is how it went:

  • IPCC 1st attempt to 4th attempt – The main reason I kept failing was lack of practice. I attended classes and used to study 8-10 hours a day. However, I did not write even a single Mock test till my IPCC 4th attempt. But after I started taking Mock tests before my 4th attempt, it helped me greatly. I realized where I was lacking and I improved on my mistakes.
  • Also, another big mistake that I made was using 2-3 references in Accounting Subjects. I should have stuck to only one book and ICAI Study materials only.
  • One more important thing - Go through all the previous attempt exam papers to have knowledge about the paper patterns, kind of questions asked. Try solving them and then compare your answers with the answers suggested by The ICAI for every attempt. That way you can analyze yourself better.
  • Theory subjects were always a hurdle for me to score well. However, once I started writing theory subjects while studying it helped so much. I, in fact, got an exemption in Audit due to this.
  • IPCC 5th attempt – Cleared Group 1 in Nov’12 with an exemption in Audit. Then I started with my articleship.
  • IPCC 6th attempt – Group 2 Failed
  • IPCC 7TH attempt- Group 2 Failed
  • IPCC 8th attempt – Finally Cleared Group 2 and passed IPCC in May'14 attempt. What a great relief it was. However, just before the results, I had decided to quit CA and go for an MBA instead. Surprisingly, the day my MBA course was going to start my IPCC Group 2 results were out and I had cleared Group 2 that attempt. Looks like the whole universe did not want me to leave CA. I took it as a positive sign from God, dropped my MBA, and started my CA Final preparation immediately as my CA Final attempt was nearing.



So the main reasons why I took so long for IPCC was:


  • Lack of practice.
  • Using too many reference books
  • Not attempting even a single mock test
  • Presentation and handwriting issues



CA Final Journey:


During this CA Final phase, I met a lot of people making friends for life and also fell in love with a very nice girl. As my CA Final Exams were nearing I worked hard but kept failing attempt after attempt. Also, things between me and that girl did not work out and we eventually broke up. I went into depression. The frustration was just increasing and I was shattered from within and felt broken completely.


I have given 5 attempts of CA Final and May'18 is going to be my 6th attempt. I have both groups to go and I do not have any other passion except becoming a CA as I have never dreamed of any other degree except that. Despite all the broken hopes, getting underweight, and excessive hair fall I am still trying hard to achieve the prefix CA.


My family has always supported me. Whenever I fail they always encourage me to give one more attempt and try again. I know many people who are younger than me are already CA's, earning handsomely and all set in life but I never think of giving up.


With each and every attempt I am becoming more determined to be a Chartered Accountant. I know one day soon I will achieve the prefix CA and I will make my parents proud. It’s been 10 years on this journey. I am 26 but when I think of my dream I feel young, energetic, and determined to be a Chartered Accountant.


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My Learnings from CA Final:


  • Lack of writing practice especially Audit and ISCA.
  • Even after concentrating on both groups, at times not being able to give my best
  • Lack of Confidence
  • Lack of Proper Planning



Lessons learned from my journey:


  • I never blame luck for my failures. Every time failed I prepared with more Focus and Determination.
  • Sometimes one can’t do well in a particular paper, do not let it affect the other papers as well.
  • Failures had a positive impact on me, as they helped me to better myself. Somewhere when we fail it means we need to put a little more effort maybe into our study strategy or expand ourselves mentally.
  • Have to enjoy the journey. Relax on Sundays and chill with friends and family.
  • Because of the failures, I have grown in so many areas. I have learned to analyze my mistakes and improve and face challenges. I seek opportunity in every failure. It’s not easy but this journey did prepare me for an amazing future,” he concluded.







You can reach him at (Do mark us in cc so we can follow up with your queries)



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