How to develop 'Good Communication / Networking skills' while Pursuing CA

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We have to develop 'Good Communication / Networking skills' while studying CA. We thank CA Anurag Gupta who helps us understand 'HOW' to do so.

"Life is all about learning, improving and growing. That’s what life means to me. Starting from my school days, I was always a very shy but honest and innocent guy. Teachers were kind of fond of me as I was quite disciplined," says CA Anurag Gupta from Delhi, India who is currently pursuing CIA from IIA, US.

"I ended my school life well on the academic front but not much on social and personality front. At that time, I only knew about two degrees B.Com and Chartered Accountancy (CA) and I chose CA. Of course, as everyone does, I too saw this degree as a tool for earning reputation and money and nothing else.

I passed CPT (1st level CA exam) with good results but then came the life turner. The first failure of my life - IPCC Group 1 (IPCC is 2nd level CA exam consisting of 2 groups, Group 1 & Group 2). I was a little heartbroken but yet looking at CA only. Anyhow, I cleared my CA - IPCC exams with good marks. But life was seemingly dull and I was still that boring guy. Then I started working as a paid assistant with a Delhi based CA Firm majorly in the area of Auditing and Assurance.

Learning to Network and Developing speaking/ Interpersonal skills:

During the same time, a turning point of life came and I got to attend an event as a volunteer. That was the day of 13 Sept 2014 and from that day my life has become a 'Journey'. The event was none other than National Achievers Conference - An International event organized jointly by a Singaporean and an Indian team. Having an audience presence of more than 2.5k made it a one of its kind event and with this came its own kind of challenges. I was selected in CRM department and in the logistics one too (CRM was quite interesting as I was the only guy in that department!!!).

Working and connecting with people from different backgrounds and being guided by people of high caliber made it such a significant point in my life. Every day became a path for Self Enlightenment. I got to find my interests apart from academics, making me more confident, social and maybe emotional too. Whether it was event management, online marketing, doing research work or connecting with people, I was overwhelmed with this new meaning given to my life.


My mentors and seniors like the ones I got during my articleship, carved a guiding path for me in life, professionally and personally. And it's rightly said - Friends can make or break you. I always suggest choosing the right set of friends. In my case friends have been my strength.

CA Final journey:

It was not even close to easy. I never studied more than 10 hours and 30 days in a stretch for CA Final. Here how it went :

  • 1st Attempt (2nd Grp): Did not study well but marks were okay. ISCA failed me. Started an online business this time.
  • 2nd Attempt (2nd Grp): Again ISCA failed me. Online business was still running. I was busy with event management too.
  • 3rd Attempt (2nd Grp): Got an exemption in ISCA and cleared Grp 2. Still running online business and event management too.
  • 4th Attempt (1st Grp): Audit failed me. Suffered a loss, closed online business during this attempt. But love for event management continued.
  • 5th Attempt (1st Grp): Again audit failed me. I was busy with an investor in setting up his business as well.
  • 6th Attempt (1st Grp): I focused solely on my CA exams and cleared Grp 1. Finally a Qualified CA.

How did I motivate myself through all the failures:

  • During the low phases, I motivated myself by chatting with friends & my younger bro (He is pursuing PGDM from IIM Jammu and likes discussing business ideas).
  • I kept learning something new like digital marketing / online selling. Currently, I do this by learning German language or reading articles on internal audit or researching about an idea (Research is my favorite part).

Dealing with tough days:

I too had bad days like bad health issues of my father, financial crisis due to business loss but I just remained CALM thanks to my mom who toiled hard to let me study. I realized this much later that actually I was studying in ignorance. I did not know what was actually happening in my family. Maybe I was foolish but luckily all turned out well.


  • Have faith and patience. Don't ever compare and you will be alright every single time.
  • Also, you need to be honest with your work and respect your boss/mentor. Quality will follow automatically. Dedication is all that it takes.
  • Also by joining different communities and making time to be volunteers one can develop great self-confidence and skills to grow as a human. Do not restrict your self only to CA Studies," he concluded.

P:S: You can reach him on email / 8377842438. You can join his WhatsApp group 'Net Value Added' which is a knowledge sharing platform for finance pros.

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