From failing her FYBSC to achieving 3 exemptions in IPCC: This CA Final student's journey consisted of both struggles and accomplishments

  • My name is Akansha Geeta Manglik and I am a CA Final student hailing from Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh.
  • Since my dream was to become an engineer I started preparing for the same but unfortunately ended up failing my FYBSC.
  • My heart was shattered from the failure but then came the CA course in my life like a knight in shining armor.  
  • Here’s my story of how despite the trauma of failure in college and my best friend leaving me  I cleared the  IPCC in the 1st attempt with 3 exemptions and studying diligently for the CA Final Group 1 exam all the while working at a stock broking company to support my family

Failed my college exams and deciding to become a CA

I was just an average student who scored low grades in my 12th exam. but I desperately wanted to be an engineer. Since I didn't score well on my boards my family wanted me to get married!

The thought of becoming an engineer ran around in my mind all the time, hence I started preparing for the same but ended up failing my FYBSC.

I was completely shattered from within. I was extremely heartbroken and emotionally disturbed. You can imagine what it would feel like to fail FYBSC, a lot of people reacted so negatively towards this failure. It was then that I got to know that CA and how this course doesn't require any entrance exam, so I registered for it.

CPT Journey

My best friend supported me through all of this; she was my strength during those tough days. Being a science student, the balance sheet / P&L was all new to me. Somehow, with a lot of effort and dedication, I cleared my CPT (1st level CA exam) on the 1st attempt.

Life was getting sorted, however during that time my best friend, left me due to some misunderstandings. This again left me heartbroken. I went through a lot of emotional trauma.

IPCC Journey

As the saying goes 'One has to move on in life and I gathered myself and moved on stronger and wiser. I started preparing for IPCC (2nd level CA Exam). As needed, I gave all my dedication and worked hard clearing IPCC in the 1st attempt with 3 exemptions. This was very encouraging for a girl who failed FYBSC.

Articleship Journey

Post that I started with my articleship. Since I loved working, my articleship phase was amazing. Through all this, my elder brother and another friend who I met during CA IPCC classes became my savior. They always guided me and stood by me. Everything went well and I started to prepare for my CA Final exams (consists of Group 1 & Group 2).

Challenges faced in CA Final

However, during my 1st attempt at CA Final, my brother was not around which again made me feel mentally weak. That attempt I failed my exam. It was my 1st failure in the CA journey so of course, I was upset. However the next attempt in May'15 I managed to clear CA Final Group 2. As of today, I still have CA Final Group 1 to clear. I am giving my CA Final Group 1 in May'18.

I was working full time after my articleship and somehow could not make the time to give my 100% to studies hence the delay. At times I have hundreds of thoughts running through my head and I do feel low, but my mother and brother keep motivating me.

During this journey, I met a lot of people. Some of them taught me great lessons and some have created beautiful memories to last.

I am currently working with a stock broking company and earning well to support my family and focusing on Group 1. All these years my mom was my biggest inspiration. My books became my heartbeat, just books were sufficient to make me happy and they still do.

Wrapping up…

"I would like to say- If you are determined and focused you can achieve whatever u wish to and I consider myself as a perfect example of that". 

 In the end, I would just want to say - If an FYBSC failed student can make it to CA Final so can you. Just listen to your heart, never give up, and be determined. 


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