What salary a CA Fresher in Dubai, UAE can expect; Is the offer made by your employer fair?

What is the ideal salary in UAE for CA freshers

  • Despite the lack of work experience, a freshly qualified Chartered Accountant can secure a job in the UAE. 
  • But how do you know if the salary the employer is offering is reasonable or not?

Starting out as a CA Fresher in the UAE

While fresher Chartered Accountants (CAs) may not have as much work experience as most seasoned CAs, they can offer several advantages to businesses in the UAE.

Their flexibility and adaptability, and up-to-date knowledge of the latest accounting practices and technologies, make them valuable assets to the company in the long run.

It is easier to get a job in the UAE as a fresher without having work experience in the UAE. And the remuneration can be reasonably well.

However, competition for jobs can be intense.


What is the ideal salary in UAE for CA freshers

What is the salary of CA in UAE for freshers or those with 2-3 years of experience?

Almost every industry has a demand for 2 types of roles – Accounting and Finance and Sales/Business Development. 

The salary of a CA fresher in UAE however, will depend on several factors, including;

  • Your previous work experience with companies such as FMCGs, Big 4s, and large audit firms
  • Your area of specialization (whether it be audit, tax, or industry)
  • Any additional qualifications you possess (such as ACCA or CISA)
  • Your knowledge of IFRS 
  • The firm or company you join (as Big 4s typically pay higher salaries)
  • Additionally, your negotiation skills will play a significant role in determining your salary

The Finance Story decided to dig a little deeper and find out what a fresher might get for Auditing / Tax/ Finance roles. We asked various professionals in the UAE, who has been in the industry for almost a decade, to give us insights. 

CA Prashant Nathvani, who has over 10 years of experience in Banking and Finance, says: For a starting salary, a freshly qualified CA can expect AED 8k - 10k per month, whereas an experienced professional would get somewhere between AED 12k to AED 18k per month. He also mentioned that a Semi qualified CA might earn AED 7k-12k per month.

Kapil Jain, with over 7 years of experience in Accounting says: A fresher or semi-qualified CA in an Audit Firm may earn a starting salary of AED 4k-7K per month. On the other hand, in the industry, they would earn somewhere around AED 6k or 7k per month. 

He adds that the salary would undoubtedly depend on your experience, however, the industry would pay a bigger remuneration than audit firms. 

Another Finance Professional with 7 years of experience in Accounts and Finance, says: Semi-qualified CAs with experience and freshers can earn a starting salary of AED 8k per month. A senior-level CA can earn approx. AED 12k per month. 

Pooja, a Tax Manager in the UAE with over 6 years of experience agrees with him, on the salary of a CA fresher. 

Saurabh Maheshwari, Senior Manager - Finance Operations at Cars24, says: AED 8k-10k per month as a starting salary is acceptable for a CA fresher in the UAE. Then it is purely based on skill and other factors.

An Accounts Manager with 16 years of experience gives us a bit different answer: He mentions that a CA fresher can expect AED 4k-5k per month as a starting salary.    

A Director of Finance, who has been in the industry for 12 years, says: Freshers should aim for AED 18k per month whereas semi-qualified CAs usually get a starting salary of AED 15k.

Joyson Dmello, with over 10 years of experience in Finance and Audit, says: Freshers can earn a starting salary of AED 12k - 15k per month.

CA Bharat Chandan Senior Account Officer at Dubai Electricity and Water Authority with 10 years of experience says: Small Consulting firms pay between AED 5k to AED 7k to CA freshers, while corporates pay AED 6k to 12k per month. Considering the rising inflation in the UAE, they should ask for 2 - 3 times their Indian salaries.

It's important to note that companies in Dubai prefer candidates with prior experience in the Middle East market. Therefore, it's crucial to be confident and convey your ability to make up for any lack of experience, during the negotiation process. 

What are some popular and sought-after Finance job roles available in UAE?

Here are the roles that are available for Finance Professionals in the UAE, and their estimated salaries. 

  • Chief Financial Officer - AED57k - AED100k PM* 
  • Financial Manager -  AED21k - AED38k PM* 
  • Financial Controller - AED19k - AED54k PM*
  • Chief Accountant - AED 13k - AED 21k PM* 
  • Finance Director - AED41.5k - AED64.5k PM* 
  • CEO or Operational roles - AED 55k - AED 117k PM* 
  • VAT Accountant / Tax Accountant - AED 4k - 12k PM* 
  • Tax Manager - 10k - 50k PM*
  • Business Analyst - AED 15k - AED 26k PM*
  • Financial Analyst - AED 11k - AED 23k PM*
  • Investment Analyst - AED 13k - AED 44k PM*
  • Compliance Officer - AED 12k - AED 24k PM*
  • Management Consultant - AED 6K - AED 56K PM* 
  • Accountant - AED 5K - 7K PM*

The above list of salaries was acquired from GulfTalent and Payscale. 

Please note that a Finance Director responsible for a team of 5 is likely to earn less than a Finance Director responsible for a team of 20. The same applies to other roles. 

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How can I get a job offer from India to UAE?

There are several ways for a freshly Chartered Accountant (CA) to find opportunities in the UAE.

It is hard to land a job in the UAE without applying from within the country. Be prepared to come to the country on a 30 or 90-day tourist visa  (costs Approx. ₹15,000- ₹ 18,000), and search for jobs. 

In India, Visa is issued by many agencies like VFS, BLS, Musafir.com, etc.

Ensure that you have 3 months of savings to survive in the UAE as per the UAE cost of living, which comes to approximately 2 -3 lakh rupees in Indian currency. 

Once you come to the UAE, consider the job search as a job itself. Spend 8-10 hours a day sending applications to your preferred companies.

Online Job Portals: Many online job portals list job vacancies in the UAE. Some popular job portals in the UAE include LinkedIn, Michael Page, Bayt, Naukrigulf, Gulf talent, Indeed, and Monstergulf. 

Company Websites: Many companies in the UAE post their job openings on their websites. Go to their careers section to check the job description and apply for it.

Recruitment Agencies: Many recruitment agencies in the UAE specialize in placing accounting and finance professionals in jobs. Register with these agencies and get assistance finding job openings matching your skills and experience.

Professional Networking: Building a professional network in the UAE can help you learn about job openings and connect with potential employers. That is why having a LinkedIn profile is a must. 

Connecting with other accounting and finance professionals, hiring managers/ex-managers on LinkedIn, and scheduling the interview is also effective.

It is important to tailor your job applications to the specific requirements of the job description.

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Should you negotiate salary? 

Salary is almost always negotiable to some extent, but it is best to figure that out before your interview.

You need to know to what limit you should stretch the negotiations. Some companies follow a strict budget when recruiting, but there could be room to negotiate a perk.

Try to avoid it if you risk losing the job opportunity.

Considering the rising inflation in the UAE, you should settle for 2 or 3 times the Indian salary; ideally 3 times your salary in India. However, since UAE experience matters it is okay to settle for 2 times your Indian salary and eventually in your next move, you can get a better deal!

Disclaimer: Please do your own research before accepting the offer. 

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