NASSCOM is hiring for the tech policy team. Why Chartered Accountants should apply.

NASSCOM hiring in tech policy Chartered Accountants should apply

What is Public Policy

Public Policy is a critical part of politics and governing. It is a set of regulations, laws, and guidelines that solves relevant problems of society.

Essentially it is created with the joint efforts of governments, non-profit organisations, institutions, or citizens that are seasoned experts in a specific field.

Even if you are not political, Public Policy should not be overlooked as it affects different areas of our life such as finances, education, health, transportation, safety and the environment. 

However public policy is not limited to the government sector. Opportunities are increasing in the Corporate Sector as well. 

Many organizations are now looking to develop policies while keeping their social, financial and environmental impact in check.

NASSCOM is hiring for the Tech Policy team

The National Association of Software and Service Companies or NASSCOM is the premier trade body and chamber of commerce of the Tech industry in India. It is a non-governmental and non-profit organisation.

On the 16th of November, Vice President and Head of Policy at NASSCOM Ashish Aggarwal put up a Linkedin that post that said, they are hiring for the tech policy team.

NASSCOM’s tech policy team works with regulators, centre and states and interact with foreign governments and regulators to enable high trust and innovation embracing regulatory and policy ecosystem. 

Its areas of interest include a safe and trusted internet, the startup ecosystem, ease of doing business for the tech industry etc.       

Ashish has been leading public policy at NASSCOM since 2018. A Chartered Accountant by qualification he has also assisted India’s Ministry of Finance in regulating digital payments, crypto, financial savings and consumer protection among others.

Scope for CAs in Policy Making 

We don’t usually see a lot of Chartered Accountants in the policy-making space but Radha Kulkarni eventually made her way from the echelons of the business world to the halls of international diplomacy. 

After qualifying as a Chartered Accountant she worked in KPMG and the Tata Group before making the shift into Policy. 

“I wanted to see the direct impact of my work on people in a more tangible way,” Radha said to The Finance Story.

She joined the Development sector which led her to pursue a Master of Public Administration (MPA) programme at Columbia University.

Her passion, dedication and experience helped her get into United Nations in New York, at the intersection of Finance, Strategy, and Policy.

There are many opportunities for finance professionals at the United Nations or in Public Policy in general. Here are certain skill sets and academic qualifications that would give you a leg up.

Academic Background:

  • Preferably having a Bachelor's degree in one of these disciplines; political science, policy, public administration, economics or business administration, will give you a good headstart. Other advanced degrees such as legal, or MBA are also helpful.  
  • Prior work experience in the development sector is recommended. 
  • CAs can join Development Sector Consulting, ESG Investing, Impact Investing, or take up stints with State/Central Government and/or its agencies to get a grip on the development sector.

Essential Skills:

  • You have to be analytical.
  • Detail-oriented.
  • Have good communication skills or soft skills. (A must) 

Especially after the Covid 19 pandemic there has been a huge demand for Public Policy professionals in India and abroad alike. Roles such as public policy manager, and public policy analyst are on the rise.

As a finance professional or a chartered accountant, If you are looking to make a career shift then it is a good time to look at this field. 


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