[Video] Everything you need to know about the MRA between ICAI and CPA Australia

MRA between ICAI and CPA Australia

Hi, I am Anita Pareek, CPA Australia, and a Chartered Accountant from India.

In 2011, I qualified as a CA, started my career as a Credit Analyst, and by 2016 decided to immigrate to Australia! 

In 2017, even before getting our PR, my husband and I joined as a CPA Associate member and advanced to CPA status in late 2018. (Yes, the MRA between ICAI and CPA Australia was a blessing!)


Difference between preparing for ICAI exams and CPA Aus


Fortunately, our PR came through, we quit our well-settled jobs and immigrated to Australia.

By the end of May 2018, we landed in Melbourne and immediately started using the job search engines to apply for jobs (I didn’t approach any recruiters).

This may sound like a miracle, but by mid- June 2018 (within just two weeks of landing) I had my first job offer letter for a full-time position as a Credit Analyst at Eclipx Group, a prominent fleet leasing company based in Australia. Woohoo!


Working full time and preparing for CPA Australia Designation


Trust me I was not referred to the job by any friend or contact, I got it based on my credentials, and the CPA designation added a lot of weight to my resumé and my professional profile.

(Needless to say, I did a lot of groundwork like improving my LinkedIn profile, perfecting my resumé, and having a local degree like CPA Australia got me noticed!)

Could I get a job without a CPA designation? It would have been an enormous struggle and I don’t think that I would have achieved what I had got without the CPA Australia’s designation.


Study leave?


My career progressed really well after getting my first job in Melbourne. Luckily, my job profile was similar to what I was doing in India and I had the opportunity to work with an ASX listed entity and great colleagues. Thus, the transition from India to Australia was smooth.


Cost of CPA Australia


In 12 months’ time, I was approached by recruiters, who shortlisted my profile and offered me an opportunity in Viva Energy, as Senior Group Credit Analyst as they were specifically looking for a credit analyst who is also a CPA!

So, the fact that I held a CPA degree, helped me in getting this opportunity. 


How the CPA designation helped me


I now manage an offshore credit division based in the Philippines and also oversee the overall credit requirement for aviation, resources, and transport division for corporates. Also, I wanted to expand my experience beyond Banking and this role gave that change.


Who should be doing CPA?


In this video, I am sharing all about CPA Australia to help you.


(Full Video) CPA Australia Designation


If you want to know more about the MRA between ICAI and CPA Australia please write to cpaaustralia.india@professionalconnect.co.in/ chantelle@thecastory.com! You can also leave your details HERE.

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