Lakshmi Devan, one of the Top 10 Linkedin Influencers got harassed on a solo trip. She encourages women to raise their voices.

Lakshmi Devan

Hi, I am Lakshmi Devan (she/her), Brand & Communications Advisor at Vortle.

I'm always happy to get an excuse to write about something I'm passionate about, especially when I know that it can make a real impact. 

On May 2, 2022, I was stalked and harassed while I was on my solo trip to Goa.

An unforgettable trip

The person who harassed me somehow found out where I was staying. They then refused to leave until I met them and accepted the gifts they’d brought for me. 

Mind you, I hadn’t shared my location anywhere on social media.

Higher authorities had to be called and the matter was resolved, but for the next 5 days, I was too shaken up to leave my room. I barely slept. I triple-checked my doors and windows. I just ate take-out and cried myself to sleep. 

I was told that I shouldn’t have traveled alone since I’m a woman. I shouldn’t be “so open” on LinkedIn. I was asked why my Instagram profile was public when it had pictures of me in a swimsuit? 

Do you have any idea what it is like to live with rape anxiety? 

Some people still won’t stop blaming women for gender-based violence.

Every woman I know has held her keys in her hand as she walked across the parking lot. 

Every woman I know has made a fake phone call in a cab. 

Every woman I know has had to enter a shop to avoid being followed at some point.

Every woman I know has had a man threaten her safety in some way when she said no to a date.

My heart goes out to all the women in the world today. 

I don’t want to hide anymore. Let’s share our stories and amplify our voices. Let the world know how it feels. Maybe then change will come. ❤️

Article by Lakshmi Devan 

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