I Pursued CA at the age of 43 to Motivate my Daughter

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An Inspirational CA Story of CA Reena Khamesra who started her CA journey at the age of 43 to Inspire and Motivate her Daughter. Before CA she pursued B.Ed and failed 2 times. She makes us BELIEVE - That anything is POSSIBLE.

Are you CONTEMPLATING to pursue CA but think your TOO OLD for it??? Hold on! Here we have a MID-LIFE SUCCESS STORY of CA Reena Khamesra Bordia who started her CA and CS journey at the age of 43 years!!!!

It all started with her daughter CA Radha Bordia wanting to be a CA like her dad - CA Sanjay Bordia. Her daughter randomly mentioned, " Maa why don't you start studying CA with me". This idea stayed with her and she quickly decided that YES she wanted to be a CA. So she went and registered for CPT and there started her CA JOURNEY of 7 long years!!!!!!

" I FAILED in my B.Ed. I gave my exams twice but I failed both times" she laughs.

" I was an Art& Crafts teacher in Don Bosco for 6 years, before we moved to Bangalore as my husband got a transfer there. It was difficult to continue as a teacher without B.Ed degree in Bangalore. So I had a lot of time on hand, the idea of doing CA meant using my TIME EFFECTIVELY. Also, ICAI was so close to our house in Bangalore"

CPT Journey:

"CPT was a CHALLENGE. Getting back to books after so many years is not easy. Maths was tough, it gave vibrations in my head " she says laughingly. " However with family by my side, I managed to clear CPT (124 marks) . Radha and I both cleared CPT, Together!!!

IPCC Journey:

Then came IPCC !!!! We both registered together, joined classes together and gave the exams together.

I decided to give just the 1st group of IPCC since I had to manage the house and family. I didn’t clear it in the 1st attempt. I cleared it in the 2nd attempt.

Then, for Group 2, I got together with my daughter. She had her 1st attempt and I had my Group 2.

We cleared IPCC in this attempt and we had crossed the hill. The mountain remained though (CA Final).

After clearing IPCC a LOT of people told me - Reena Kyun Karna hain CA ...Articles Karni Hain 3 saal and uske baad CA final . Your already 44 chod do, aapko naukari thodi karni hain !

Its ASSUMED that once you have a grown up a kid there is NO NEED TO FIND NEW PASSIONS.


Its ASSUMED you are TOO OLD.

But I didn’t let these things affect me.

I was SURE ki CHODNA NAHI HAIN..... I had no reason to quit. If I have come so far I will keep the same attitude and move ahead.

Through this time I also enrolled for Company Secretary (CS).

Articleship Journey:

I registered as an article. I used to attend 3 hrs of class in the morning and then go for my articles, then 3 hrs again CS class in the evening, along with managing my home. I dedicatedly attended all my classes, studied regularly, managed the house the same way I used to earlier. I am very ORGANISED and DISCIPLINED as a person, this quality added to my advantage!!!

At times I used to feel tired and everything wasn't smooth but again looking at the BRIGHTER SIDE does help!!! The phase of my articles to becoming a CA has made me SOOOO STRONG. I evolved into an even STRONGER person.

CA Final Journey:

My daughter and I both gave our CA Final attempts together. The 1st group we both cleared together in the 3rd attempt. The 2nd group we appeared together but couldn't clear. We pushed ourselves. I was playing a DUAL ROLE of a MOTHER and a STUDENT.

It was tough on Radha too. However much she was proud of me - she had two kinds of pressure PEER AND MOTHER PRESSURE. I was her competitor indirectly!

Everyone kept telling her- HOPE YOU CLEAR BEFORE YOUR MOM. As a mom, I could feel her situation.

The next attempt I took a drop. I did not want to stress my daughter, even though she was against the idea of me doing so.

Unfortunately, Radha couldn't clear the CA Final attempt.

Meanwhile, I cleared CS.

The coming attempt I had to give the exam as there were rumors of IFRS / GST being introduced. Had I waited for Radha to clear and the new stuff comes in I would have to literally RESTART my studies.

We both gave this attempt and luckily RADHA CLEARED. I felt so relieved that she cleared first as I knew the unsaid things that she was going through.

I started my studies again it would be my 5th ATTEMPT in Nov 2016. But again another twist !!!

Handling Family Responsibilities:

My in-laws who live in Udaipur, wanted us to visit them asap. My husband keeps visiting them every fortnight. However this time they kept calling and insisted we come immediately.

We went there spent time with them and was about to return when my Father In Law got a paralytic attack. He was rushed to the ICU.

My husband couldn't stay for long as he is in the service sector. So I had to stay back. My Father in law was in the hospital for 90days!!!!

I studied outside the ward literally for 75 days !!! It was tough, so much of noise, so many people calling up, doctors visiting etc. But it was my duty to be there for my family. We had a lot of relative support as well.

My exams days were nearing it was the 1st of Nov. My exams would start on the 10th of Nov. I was registered in Mumbai for the exam so I had to get back. As destiny could play a part Radha who cleared her CA an attempt earlier couldn't get a job so she was still at home. So she came in and sat with her grandfather. I gave my exams and came back to Udaipur.

I was sure that I wouldn't clear! I hardly got 10 days to study. On the result day, I was in Udaipur tending to my in-laws (both sick in different capacities). Suddenly I get a call from my husband 'YOU are a CA' I really had nothing to say, I literally FROZE.

My family was in Mumbai and here I was in the hospital with the greatest news of me becoming a CA at the age of 49!!!! "

So how did you celebrate on becoming a CA finally I asked, " I had a distant relative with me, on hearing this I just went and HUGGED her. That's how I celebrated MY SUCCESS, MY VICTORY over MYSELF. "

Later on, I went and told my Father in Law about it. He was so happy. Whatever you may call it the next day my Mother in law expired and in a few days my Father in Law expired. But I am glad they saw me become a CA "

All this would not have been possible without the support of my husband. Who stood by me, motivated me and let me pursue my studies. It was difficult for him coming to an empty home where his wife and daughter were busy with studies. But his patience and encouragement have been my strength.

The alone time he had, made him write a suspense-detective fiction novel on the life of a CA - THE CLAIM !!! "

An inspiration rushes through me. So what's next POA I asked, " Maybe mentoring, Coaching yet to decide. I have already featured in newspapers, got a lot of recognition and respect." she says humbly.

I asked, What is your MESSAGE to everyone reading this " A lot of people told me that CA was bound to make people fail. And I was entering it at an age where I would give up easily. I want to tell them all, NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE.

You can be WHATEVER you WANT TO BE at ANY AGE!!!!

By clearing my CA I have set a NEW PICTURE for my daughter. She has always been fearful of growing old and not getting to do things which she could do RIGHT NOW. But NOT ANYMORE, she takes it easy. It's made her believe: Life is interesting! KEEP THE PATIENCE, FAITH, and DEDICATION.

STRUGGLES ARE A PART OF LIFE. By PUSHING oneself, seeing the BRIGHTER SIDE and working towards it one HAS TO SUCCEED. Enjoy the process be HAPPY.


She further adds with that spark in her " Not everyone can be a child prodigy, but WE ALL CAN STRIVE FOR LATE-LIFE -SUCCESS," she concluded.

P:S: You can connect to CA Reena on her FB Page for a dose of inspiration





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