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Amar Kumar shares with us tips on How to Clear IPCC Exams with Exemptions. In school, his teachers assured his parents that - He will never pass class 12 but he did and topped his school. He teaches us the POWER OF POSITIVITY AND HARD WORK.

My Journey

“I was a very average student in my school. Once one of my school teachers had told my parents – I would never even pass class 12.  In spite of all these criticism I always wanted to be a doctor. But this dream changed after passing class 10th as I realized I was very weak I chemistry and pursuing science would not be a good choice for me. That’s when I decided to pursue commerce,” says Amar Kumar a CA Final Student from Muzaffarpur, Bihar.

“Now again while in class 12 my parents were called and they were told that I would not be able to pass the 12th board exams. This made me feel a little sad from within. I knew I deserved better. So I let those words stay in my mind and I prepared really hard for class 12 and I topped my school.

Lessons I have learned

  1. Do Not Let Anyone Else Decide What You Are Capable Of Doing
  2. Work Hard

CPT Journey

Now moving forward, I enrolled for Chartered Accountancy (CA). I belong to Muzaffarpur and for my CPT (1st level CA exam) coaching, I had to move to Delhi. I took admission in a coaching class, studied well and gave my CPT exam.

  • CPT 1st attempt (Dec 2015): I failed that attempt as I scored only 84/200 (Min to pass the exam is 100). I was upset. To add to it many people told me – Leave CA. CPT is the easiest level. If you cannot clear CPT you will never clear other CA exams.
  • CPT 2nd attempt: Passed the exam. However, I again took All The negative things into positive and started preparing for my next CPT attempt. In my 2nd attempt, I finally passed CPT exams scoring 145/200/

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IPCC Journey

Then came IPCC (2nd level CA exam consisting of 2 groups, Group 1 & Group 2). Many people who gave IPCC demotivated me telling me it is tough! However, I started my preparation. I wish I had someone back then who could guide me - How to Clear CA IPCC.  I decided on preparing only for IPCC - Group 1.

  • 1st attempt IPCC Group 1: This attempt I failed the Group 1 because of Law 30/100 (min to pass a subject is 40) though I scored 205/400 in Group 1 (Min to pass Group 1 is 200 with min 40 in each subject). I analyzed myself and realized I made a few mistakes and had to better my preparation.
  • 2nd attempt IPCC Group 1: Passed with exemptions in 4 subjects. Now I had 3 months for the 2nd attempt, I decided to again give only IPCC-Group1. And finally, in the 2nd attempt, I cleared my IPCC GROUP 1 with 4 exemptions getting a score of 263/400. Here are my marks:  Accounts 60/100, Law 60/100, Taxation 67/100 and Costing and FM 76/100. This was May 2017 attempt.
  • 3rd attempt IPCC Group 2: Passed. Though I technically took 3 attempts to clear IPCC, for Group 2 this was my 1st attempt only. After clearing Group 1, I gave my IPCC Group 2 and prepared really well in just 3 months. I cleared IPCC Group 2 in one go scoring 71/100 in Advanced Accounting.

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Study tips to clear CA IPCC with exemptions

  • I had not taken any coaching class for Law, Audit, IT/SM. I did self-study for the same.
  • I had not even written any Mock Tests (however I suggest students to write mock tests as it helps in time management)
  • For theory subjects, I did lots of writing practice and also revised 3 times. So, my revisions were very strong.
  • Also for theory papers, I used to write 1 to 1.5-page answers. All my answers made sense I did not write irrelevant stuff. I guess since I practiced writing theory subjects that helped me.
  • The presentation is also very important. I focussed a lot on my style of writing and kept it neat, pointwise and underlined keywords.
  • While preparing for theory subjects I did not make any self-notes but I used to make mnemonic codes while studying. This helped me remember stuff easily. For example Application Control in IT (BCIPOD)


C - communication control

I - Input control

P - Processing control

O - Output control

D - Database control

  • When I prepared for IPCC Group 1 in my 2nd attempt I had only 3 months. In those 3 months, I studied for 8 to 12 hours a day, giving my best on most days. There were days when I felt a little bored to study but on most days I did give my best. CA needs one to study with dedication.
  • Now coming to practical subjects – I also wrote working notes for every practical question that really helped me score well.
  • A lot of students freak out if they do not attempt 100 marks. See its best to attempt 100 marks but what happens if one cannot attempt due to lack of time. It is okay do not worry. I could not attempt 100 marks as well still I got exemptions. Here is how much I attempted:

    1. Accounts – scored 60 – attempted 70
    2. Law – scored 60 - attempted 84
    3. Auditing – scored 44 – attempted 80
    4. Costing/FM – scored 76 – attempted 86
    5. Taxation – scored 67 – attempted 84
    6. Advanced Accounting – Scored 71 – attempted 81
    7. IT/SM – scored 42 - attempted 64

  • So maybe I could not complete the papers as I used to write long answers and I did not write any mock tests. If I had written mock test I would have known and planned my time well. However, the above worked for me.

To Conclude...

  • We all have been written off by someone at some point in life, that’s okay. My only request – You do not write yourself off.
  • I have learned this in life - Never focus on negative energy and distance yourself from demotivators - he concluded.

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