From a CA to a Fitness expert: Meet CA(SA) Rudi Witkowsky who took a bold move of redirecting his career to pursue his passion

  • Hi, I am Rudi Witkowsky, a CA(SA) and fitness expert based in South Africa.
  • From pursuing CA to operating as an Audit Manager and Advisory Consultant in Big Corporates, I have changed directions in my career and rebounded by deciding to translate my passion for fitness into my job.
  • I was featured in Men’s Health Magazine and even won the HEAT magazine competition. I was even bestowed with the honor to be featured on Cosmopolitan for the sexist man calendar which further propelled my fitness journey.
  • Here is my story of resilience.

Deciding to pursue CA  

From a very young age, I was academically strong at accounting and mathematics. At that point in time, CA was a promising career path that guaranteed success and stable life.

Also, the CA (SA)’s in my life were very admirable and successful. It all made perfect sense and I decided that it was the right career path for me.

In other respects, I was interested in computer science or programming and loved computers. However, since two of my brothers were engineers, I wanted to be different and decided to embark on a long and challenging journey of Pursuing CA.

When I was just done with University from the University of Cape Town (UCT), I started with my CA articles. Here I entered into the realm of the big corporate world which was, nonetheless, more challenging with all the policies and rules. Moreover, the work was challenging with extra hours and less pay.

At one stage I wanted to quit. Luckily, I stuck around and qualified as a Chartered Accountant.

Changing paths and finding my purpose

After completing my traineeship at EY, I was not sure what I wanted to do.

I decided to travel Asia for 6-7 months and I was engaged in teaching English. Alongside, I also dabbled in fitness and modeled thereafter for another 7 months before I returned.

Once I returned, I started working in the corporate field. I thought I would have all this money overnight, but it was not the case. To climb the ladder of success, one had to work tirelessly and gain experience. I was lost and I had no idea what I wanted to be.  

Fitness has always been my passion since high school and I was immensely active in numerous sports such as rugby, running, squash, cycling, and running.

As work became more demanding, I decided to join the gym as I wanted to look appealing and fit in with my rugby team. A lot of my colleagues at work started asking for fitness tips. I enjoyed helping them get fit and more importantly feel better about themselves.

I soon realized that this is what I wanted to do…get fit and help others stay fit.

I decided to quit my job (was not an easy decision as I earned a lot more money as a CA), and pursue a career in fitness. I had a few friends who were hesitant and advised me to continue my profession as a CA. However, I knew I was not born to be behind a desk all day.

My family supported my decision and I started my journey as a fitness expert.

Evolution as a Fitness Expert and Achievements

I was already known within the fitness industry having competed as a finalist on the reality TV show Tropika Island of Treasure season 8. I had even performed numerous men’s health fitness campaigns and workouts on the Expresso TV breakfast show.

I was also a fitness instructor for many years at SWEAT1000 where I taught classes of about 40 people. SWEAT1000 had taught me the foundation of functional training and how to structure workouts and correct form. 

When I decided to become a full-time fitness expert, my strategy was to be consistent with my fitness journey by building an actual, reputable and relatable brand.

I targeted my corporate network as I was known within the corporate space with a fitness background. I focused on building my brand on social media by showcasing my talent.

I am extremely far from making more than the corporate salary, but it is not about the money for me. I enjoy it a lot more and it brings me so much joy when I am able to change people’s lives for the better through living a healthy life.

I also feel good as I am looking after my own health.

Challenges on the way

I have encountered so many challenges having quit the fitness industry many times as it is time-consuming and mentally draining.

Having to focus on workouts, nutrition, marketing, client check-ins, and keeping up with the trends is extremely exhausting.

You barely make any money at the start, but I absolutely love it and the joy in others keeps me going.

Ongoing courses and future endeavors

I offer several workout courses online via SUDOR, a global platform.

The in-depth classes range from $10 USD for one month with a 7-day free trial. The sessions focus on training for all levels and body types. There is a provision for meal plans on the platform too. I also provide corporate packages for their staff.

I am currently in the process of building a website and aiming to build a global presence as I want to make the world a healthier and fitter place. I am dedicating my efforts towards offering personal plans too.

Wrapping Up…

Even though your job is the main focus, do not jeopardize and hamper your body and health in the process.

If you do not feel good about yourself, you will fail to succeed at any challenge or task in front of you. The earlier you start investing in your health the easier it will be and a better and more fulfilling life you will have.

Take control of your body today and you will not regret it.

I would also want to add that I failed many times in the health and fitness sector before I quit my job a few times to pursue it. This time I am resilient and determined to bring the best possible service for everyone.

Now It's Your Turn...

How do you stay fit? Comment below and let us know. 

Want to connect with Rudi you can find him on Instagram: rudiwitkowsky or email him at

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