This Indian CA reveals the exact strategies he used to immigrate to Canada in his 20s and about find a job opportunity in a new country

Hailing from Mumbai, Azhar started his Big 4 journey in India where he was assisting high net worth individuals and globally mobile employees with the Indian side of compliances. While working in a Big 4 in India, spending at least14-15 hours a day in the office made him lose out on several important stuff happening in his life. Hence, when he was nearly 3 years into his organization in 2017 he had a eureka moment where he thought of changing his life for the better. So he started thinking about moving to another country and decided on Canada. Here Azhar talks about immigrating to Canada in his 20s along with in-depth information about the processes of Canada PR, CRS points, IELTS, Wes, and everything related to the Canadian work culture.

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