Co-founded by CAs IndigoLearn - an EdTech startup turned 4 years & has an offer code for CA/CS/CMA students

Today we caught up with Sriram Somayajula, Suraj Lakhotia, and Sarat Velumuri co-founders of EdTech startup – India’s best CA prep destination which focuses on teaching finance and accounting, to congratulate them on their 4th Anniversary. 

It was in March 2017, they formally founded IndigoLearn with one core belief: Learning can be easy, fun and enjoyable.

Using the latest Technology and Visual Effects (VFX), they are redefining the way Finance and Accountancy are taught across the world.

"Indigo learn started off with zero outside funding and for the first year, we bootstrapped by putting together US$ 50,000. Being accountants, we were very keen to start monetizing from day zero. Irrespective of the amount of revenue, we were very clear that the path must be revenue-driven and not vanity-metrics-driven," says Suraj Lakhotia. 

As of March 2021, IndigoLearn has reached 5k+ content hours and 80k+ registered users in the last 4 years and importantly build a 70% success rate for CA exams.

"Though it still feels like day zero, anniversaries do require celebrations. I believe there is no better way to celebrate this than along with our students. It is students who make IndigoLearn and not the other way around. I am happy to share our ‘Double Dhamaka Offer’ with all the students.

  1. 15% OFF on all CA/CMA/CS courses till 31st March  - Offer code - FOUR
  2. All CA/CMA/CS courses FREE on APP 1FIN from 24th – 30th March

I and my co-founders Suraj Lakhotia and Sarat Velumuri, encourage all students to utilize this opportunity to experience #LearningLikeNeverBefore for FREE," says Sriram Somayajula. 

IndigoLearn provides e-learning courses to CA/CS/CMA students. The courses have unlimited views and are usually valid till the exam dates for which they are purchased. They are fully online from day zero and their classes are streamed online like Netflix / Amazon.

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