This CA from Guwahati failed engineering entrance exams twice but cleared CA all three levels in first attempt

  • Hi I am Kamal Mour a practicing Chartered Accountant based in Guwahati, India.
  • I was born in the small town of Rangia which is 50 kms from Guwahati (Capital of Assam). Being a small town the educational facilities were very average.
  • I wanted to be an engineer but failed the entrance exams twice. In fact, I even took a gap year to reappear for engineering entrance exams.
  • Fast forward, I went on to take the CA route and qualified in 2009 in the first attempt.
  • Here is my journey.

Back Story

I studied in an Army School till grade 5 and post that in a private English medium school till grade 10.

My grades since childhood were always bright, with me topping the class from KG till Class X. Much of it was attributed to my parents who always inspired me to do well in my studies. Their constant motivation and encouragement helped me to succeed in school and life.

After completing my High School in Rangia, I came to Guwahati City and took admission to Cotton College (the most sought-after College for Science Education). Getting admission to this college in those days was an achievement in itself.

Fast forwarding, I completed my Class 12 with Science and appeared for All India Engineering Entrance Examinations. However, I did not score well! This was really painful and all my hopes were shattered.

I took a break for 1 year and decided to reappear for the exam. But as luck would have it, I could not score well the second time too and finally decided to change from science to commerce!

It was a really difficult stage in my life. I was in the best college, studying with the best minds and suddenly I was in this situation which indicated – Failure.

Everyone around me started questioning my abilities and intellect.

All my hopes were shattered. My parents are very simple, they were upset and sad but at the same time, they never made me feel that pressure, all they told me was - to ho­pe for the best in the future and work hard once again with a positive frame of mind.

I was depressed and stopped moving out of the house. I started avoiding social gatherings for the fear of facing people who had just one thing to ask me - What are your future plans?

Giving up the idea for engineering to pursue Chartered Accountancy

Now since engineering did not make sense (because of low entrance scores) I took admission in Guwahati Commerce College, an Institution of repute to study B.COM(H) and decided to pursue CA along with it.

I had to reappear Class XI and Class XII for some subjects. This was really painful as I had to sit with my juniors.

But as they say - Time heals everything and the same happened to me. Gradually I started getting used to the situation and tried to concentrate on my studies.

Coming back to my CA journey, I pursued my CA PE-I (1st level CA exam now known as CPT) and cleared it on the 1st attempt. This was the turning point.

When I appeared for my B.Com Final Exams, it was time for my CA PE-2 (2nd level CA exam consisting of 2 groups, Group 1 and Group 2. This is now known as IPCC). Thankfully I secured First Class and stood 3rd in the entire University with the highest marks in Accountancy Paper.

Around the same time, I also cleared my CA PE-2 (though I appeared one group at a time as I had studies as well) in my 1st attempt. Clearing CA -PE-1 and PE-2 in my 1st attempt were very encouraging!

After clearing both CA PE- 1/PE-2, I started my Articleship. I did my articleship from a mid-size firm with a generous Principal.

I decided to start teaching students owing to my deep interest in Mathematics. This period was very difficult for me as I would get up early in the morning to teach CA students and B.Com students and then rush to my CA Firm for Articleship.

I never compromised on my office hours and my Articleship period.

I always exposed myself to all types of opportunities that came my way during my articleship. There were not many Big CA Firms in Guwahati during those days (2005-2008) but the zeal to learn kept us occupied with our work during Articleship.

I personally have a strong belief that it is not the Firm that matters but the Individual who works matter the most.

Post that gave my CA Final and cleared that as well smoothly. I was now a Chartered Accountant.

Although I could not score well in my Engineering entrance even after 2 attempts, that experience of failing taught me – Patience and Empathy.

I took a gap of one year to prepare for my Entrance Exam and still did not score. In spite of the entrance failure - My CA Journey as a student was smooth. Well, that means - Your Past Does Not Determine Your Future.

The reason for my smooth journey was also my disciplined approach towards academics and the zeal to work hard.


Opportunities in Guwahati for Chartered Accountants

Over the period of time, Guwahati has grown leaps and bounds in terms of the number of CA Firms.

With Industrialisation at its pace, the city has opened up a plethora of opportunities both for CA members and CA Students. Today a young practicing CA in Guwahati is well equipped to earn a handsome livelihood.

Wrapping Up…

My only word of advice to my young budding Chartered Accountants is to have - Patience, Self Belief, and Faith in yourself. It is okay to fail, do not let your past failure determine your future.

And remember the basic rule of life - The Shortest distance between two points is a STRAIGHT LINE. Never compromise on your ethics and values to earn big in the short run.

Have patience and I am sure the dividends shall come in the long run.

You could reach him at He is also active on Linkedin - CA Kamal Mour.

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