How I Qualified As An Accountant And Started My NGO On A WheelChair

Santwana is severely disabled since birth.

She suffers from a  rare genetic disorder 'Spinal Muscular Atrophy', a progressive disorder causing severe muscular weakness.

Santwana Aras is a qualified Chartered Accountant from The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI).

Instead of cribbing on how difficult life could be, she chose to make life amazing for her and as well as others through her NGO Uday Shiksha Evam Jan Kalyan Samiti.

She is also a Member of- CSR Committee of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India and a Member of Madhya Pradesh State Advisory Board.

Santwana is more than happy to help students and professionals. Write to her at -

My Life Journey


My struggle in life began when I was 6-months old- I couldn’t crawl like a normal child, could not hold my neck or sit down on my own.

I am severely disabled since birth from a rare genetic disorder 'Spinal Muscular Atrophy', a progressive disorder causing severe muscular weakness.

My parents and family were my first and the biggest motivators.

Being a special child, they took special care of all my needs in my challenging journey.

Due to my illness and weak physical condition, I COULDN'T EVEN HOLD A PENCIL UPTO THE AGE OF 12 YEARS, even a small jerk resulted in my neck dropdown.

I joined a regular school ONLY in grade 8. Thus getting very nervous while facing people and the outside world.

Whenever I used to get upset due to my physical condition, my Parents used to tell me- YOU HAVE TO FIGHT SOME BAD DAYS TO EARN SOME BEST DAYS OF YOUR LIFE and ENCOURAGED me to STUDY HARD.

During my free time I watched movies like - IQBAL, Taare Zameen Par and read inspiring books to motivate myself.

My first career choice was to become a Doctor and serve the society, however, 'Disability' deprived me of the Science Stream and becoming a doctor despite scoring distinction in PCM in 10th.

Another lucrative choice was Chartered Accountancy (CA), hence opted for Commerce.

Well-wishers cautioned me to re-consider CA, because of the 'tough results' and 'no reservation in CA' (according to me it is the BEST THING as everyone is treated EQUALLY).

I Adopted The 5-Ds in My Life

  • DECISION (of self)
  • DISCUSSION (with Parents and well-wishers)
  • DETERMINATION (towards an established goal)

Slow writing speed due to tremors resulted in few failures in CA Exams.

I was admitted twice to the ICU and hence passing the examinations was a real challenge.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t avail any coaching, since no lift-facilities in the Institutions in Bhopal.

Lack of proper guidance and poor physical condition resulted in continuous failures in spite of devoting many sleepless nights to the targeted goal.

At that time, I was given a mantra by my Parents - CROSSES ARE THE LADDERS THAT LEAD TO ASSURED SUCCESS. So each day I began with a POSITIVE ATTITUDE and A NEW MOTIVATION'.

With PATIENCE and SHEER PERSEVERANCE, I dedicated myself fully to the accomplishment of my ultimate goal and at last became CA.

Disability also came in way of Articleship and even after 2 years of qualifying as a Chartered Accountant, CA Firms HESITATED to oblige me in Partnership.

Luckily, an old friend of mine - CA. Naveen included me as a Partner in his Firm.

Now I am conducting audits in Banks and other Institutions.


It is not the ease but efforts, not facilities but difficulties that make a man, so NEVER GIVE UP.

P :S: Besides many professional accomplishments she runs an NGO Uday Shiksha Evam Jan Kalyan Samiti - it has imparted JOB ORIENTED training under PMKVY Scheme to 500 females in Ashta, Khandwa, and Seoni in Apparel Sector and Computer-Networking training to 200 down-trodden males and females

You can write to her at for CONTRIBUTING to the noble cause.

YOUR SUPPORT WILL BE WELCOMED. Also if anyone of you needs any GUIDANCE, CA Santwana Aras is more than HAPPY TO HELP !!!

                                                                          NOW IT IS YOUR TURN!!!

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