This Head of Finance qualified as a CA at the age of 33 after failing multiple times

  • Hi, I am Rohitt Kapur, a Chartered Accountant and Company Secretary from India.  
  • After facing innumerable challenges and adversities, I finally became a CA in 2013 at the age of 33.
  • From working at a furniture company to assuming the role as the Head of Finance, Accounts and Company Secretary in BEUMER India, A German Multinational, I have realised that perseverance and sheer determination unravel your path to success even in the face of failure. 

From a very average student to pursuing CA & CS

Hailing from a middle-class family where my father was working at a Nationalised Bank and my mother was a homemaker; I did not possess the same privileges as others. 

Due to my predisposed condition, I was never motivated to excel at my studies and would barely scrape through. 

Coming from a barely economically stable background, my father was fraught with worry and anxiety about my future. 

He insisted on being hardworking and focused so that I did not have to face the same money-related issues. 

Fast forward to 1998, I was in class 10 when tragedy struck - my father passed away. His untimely demise shattered me and now my mother was burdened with the responsibility of raising me alone. 

I had no option but to take on the responsibilities under the pressure of despicable circumstances. It was here I realised why my father insisted on the importance of education. I knew education was the only saviour and I decided to give my best and become a professional.

After thorough research, I zeroed down on Chartered Accountancy as it was the only course I could afford. 

Based on my inadequate marks, I always doubted myself but I anyways went ahead and after class 12, I enrolled myself in three courses at the same time - CS, CA and B.COM (H). 

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Facing innumerable obstacles 

While pursuing B.COM, I cleared my CS Foundation and CA Foundation in the first attempt. Needless to say, I was elevated and brimming with morale and confidence. 

I immediately started with my 3 years of mandatory articles and it was now time to clear CA Inter and CS Inter exams. 

But to no avail, I fared extremely poorly and was unable to clear my CS Inter and CA Inter examinations.

After a couple of attempts in both courses, I completed my CS Inter in 2004 and CA inter in 2005. It was a big relief! 

What next? 

After many failed attempts, I never really gave up on myself…

By now 2004, I had completed my 3 years of articles and graduation; all I had to clear was my CA Final Exams to become a Chartered Accountant. 

However, as luck would have it, after numerous attempts in CA Final exams, I was completely distraught with failure and wanted to quit. 

Contrary to my condition, my friends who had enrolled in the same courses were already qualified and had secured job opportunities in MNCs. 

Since my articleship was over and I was unemployed, was looking for a job opportunity as I was in need of money. During this time, earning money superseded my priorities to study

Just when I was feeling all dejected, my doorway to success transcended in the form of a call from my father’s bank for a job offer. This was in Dec 2004! 

I was elated for obvious reasons and the prospect of finally attaining a job even though I had failed in my career, re-energized my spirits. 

Following the fiasco of all sorts of screening, interviewing, exams and other related formalities, I was bedraggled with the news of the new Court Verdict. According to the Supreme Court in 2005, no appointment on compassionate grounds would be allowed! You guessed correctly, I was once again down in the dumps.

After this episode, I began adopting a positive mindset in the midst of failures. I decided to give tuition to other aspirants. Alongside, I was working part-time at different Accounting jobs as well. 

In November 2005, I was bestowed with my opportunity to work at a furniture company called Curves. With an income of INR 10,000 per month, I was able to save a substantial amount too. Moreover, I was grateful for the opportunity of attaining a job as I was just a Semi Qualified CA. 

I finally cleared my CA Final exams at the age of 33 

Even though I was occupied with my strenuous job, I did not abandon my studies

After returning from my office, I tried to accommodate even half an hour daily. 

I was always stimulated to explore and research content from the internet and even sought help from juniors at CA finals levels. I swallowed my pride and gained knowledge from all avenues which finally culminated in success. I have faced a lot of challenges and made a lot of sacrifices from 2005 to 2013 to accomplish my goals. 

Finally, in Dec 2006, I succeeded in my attempts to clear my exams and completed my CS finals. 

Subsequently, I regained my confidence and started preparing judiciously for CA Finals. 

After multiple attempts and sparsely modified syllabuses, I cleared my CA finals Group one in 2007. 

I persevered and never let failure shatter my confidence in the pursuit of success. The desire to succeed overpowered the distress of failure and ultimately in 2014, I cleared my CA Final (2nd Group) and became a CA. I was 33 years old when I qualified as a Chartered Accountant. 

During this time, I am proud of not surrendering to the shackles of despair. Everyone except my mother and me had lost all hope and faith. 

Life after qualifying CA and the sudden demise of my mother

After clearing CA, I did not envision practice in my career as there was a risk of not getting clients. I preferred a job with an immediate income to sustain my requirements. 

I joined Skipper Limited in 2015 (India’s Largest Transmission Tower Manufacturer) as Commercial Head. 

Operating in a new position, I was not well-versed with the commercial aspects of the job. However, under the guidance of Planet Mercury, I felt assured and confident in handling multiple roles and challenges simultaneously. 

Consequently, I travelled to most parts of the country and met many bureaucrats in this process which enriched my Tender negotiation skills and helped me understand all facets of contracts and commercials. 

Unexpectedly in July 2018, my mother passed away and I was taken aback by her sudden demise. I did not know how to endure the pain of her loss as she had made innumerable sacrifices during my journey. 

I decided to leave Kolkata and began searching for a new job. 

I got an opportunity with Kalpataru Power Transmission Limited (Leading EPC company is Railway and Transmission Tower division) as head of Commercial and finance in Noida, UP in Oct 2018. 

It was the first time that I left Kolkata at the age of 37 years which was very difficult for me, my wife and my daughter but I knew I would emerge unscathed and I did! 

Wrapping Up…..

The purpose of sharing my story is to inspire at least one person who is facing the same obstacles and challenges in their journey. 

I want to remind them that in this world, no one is born with a golden spoon and that challenges and failure make us stronger every time. It depends on us to determine our future as we aspire it to be.  Yes, circumstances are different for all of us and we need to decide how to cope with them. 

One thing which I have learned, and clearly understood for the rest of my life, is to NEVER QUIT. 

Even if the results do not turn out in your favour, preserve and keep trying again

While chasing your dreams, do not neglect your passions. My passions helped me recuperate in the face of failure and impotence, enhancing my power to strike back and the spirit to face challenges. 

Now It's Your Turn...

Have you been through a situation where you felt like giving up? What have you learnt from Rohitt's story? Pls comment. 

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