How this Company Secretary rebounded from a wrong career choice and now follows her passion

  • Hi, I am Ekta Maheshwari a Company Secretary from India.
  • Today, I am living my dreams of being a Youtuber and a Writer and have 'No Regrets' about making my career choice.
  • Here is my story. 

Back story

I was a mediocre but very ambitious student in school. However, my ambitions and dreams were not related to academics, I always wanted to become an RJ and a Writer!

After passing 12th grade like any other commerce student in India I too appeared for various entrance exams, the most popular among them was CA and CS.

Since I belong to a business family and most of my near and dear ones are Chartered Accountants, it was a given that I was also supposed to be inclined towards CA only.

I appeared for CA - CPT exams but fortunately I failed (now I can call it good fortune).

After a long discussion with my parents, I decided to pursue Company Secretary only.

Challenges on the way 

Without any hurdles, I cleared my CS - Foundation, and CS- Inter in the 1st attempt. Now it was time for CS - Final.

While I was preparing for my CS Final exams, major brain surgery was to be done on my beloved mother. I was completely shattered, it was a very difficult phase in my life.

Everyone around me told me to give the exam a miss but I had DECIDED I would give the exams.

\With this positive hope, I started preparing for my exam and also looking after my mother's health.

I had a DESIRE to crack the exam not because of what people around me would say, but for MYSELF. And YES I cleared the exam.

I achieved what I desired. I was a qualified CS now and my mother's operation was also successful. 

Career Path: Way forward

What next? Like any newly qualified professional it was time to embark on my corporate journey.

I joined an organization, however, I was treated as if I was good for nothing and I knew I deserved better.

Initially, the office situation used to disturb me but I always believed that - EVERYTHING HAPPENS FOR A REASON.

I took all these things in a very positive spirit and resigned. It was during this phase that I decided to follow my passion for writing!

I approached a website to get my articles published and luckily they allowed me to do so. That was the moment I started living my passion as an 'Author'.

I felt motivated and excited every single day and gradually I started getting offers from many other blogs to write for their websites and that’s how I kept progressing.

Wrapping Up...

I am really thankful to my parents, because of their support I got the courage to pursue my dreams. However, I also believe that in the end its ‘YOU’ who has to take a stand for yourself.

Today I am a proud Company Secretary and I started my Practice as well.

  • There are people in our lives who will demotivate us at every step of life, who will shake us from within but BE STRONG.
  • I agree that negative vibes are so strong initially that we can easily get carried away, but it is only ‘YOU’ who has to stand up and not let other people affect you.
  • Sometimes you have to CHOSE what you WANT not what you feel OTHERS WANT. Had I pursued CA maybe I would have struggled?!
  • Don’t restrict yourself between four walls (like only to academics), life is also very beautiful beyond these four walls.
  • My BIGGEST LEARNING is to pursue what you love and life will be great," she concluded.

You can reach her at

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