Dealing With The Loss of My Dad, Overcoming Failures and Becoming a Chartered Accountant

Have you failed continuously and felt like giving up? 

In fact: In today's article, we have Ronak Jhunjhunwala, a qualified Chartered Accountant who failed multiple times before finally qualifying as a CA. 

Continuous failure in ca final exams did not stop him from achieving his dreams. 

Ronak lost his dad just 7 months before his CA Final exams and still gave the exam!

The loss of his dad made him realize his poetic side. Today his poems have been published in 2 anthologies.

He is a CA from ICAI (The Institute of Chartered Accountants Of India).

Presently Ronak is Senior Executive at Wipro, India.

My Journey Becoming a Chartered Accountant and Overcoming Failures

I am from Giridih district a small town in Jharkhand (India).

In order to pursue Chartered Accountancy, I moved to a bigger city, Kolkata.

To be a Chartered Accountant from ICAI, one needs to clear 3 levels of exams:

  • CPT: First level. You have to give this exam if you register for the CA course before graduating. I registered for CPT after class 12.
  • IPCC: Second level exam. This consists of 2 groups – Group 1 & 2. Each group has 3/4 subjects.
  • CA Final: Last level of CA exam and has again 2 group – Group 1 & 2. Each group has 3/4 subjects
  • 3 years of articleship training: This starts after you clear IPCC, either both groups or anyone of them.

Failing in CA CPT Exams

After deciding to pursue CA from ICAI, I enrolled for CA Level one aka CPT.

To my dismay, I failed the CPT exams. Now CPT (earlier known as CA Foundation) is super easy. It is very unusual for someone to fail CPT.

However, I stayed persistent and gave another attempt. I eventually cleared CPT in my second attempt.

Overcoming IPCC challenge

Then came IPCC exams. This was the second level CA exams which consist of 2 groups - Group 1 & Group 2. 

I cleared Group 1 in the 1st attempt but kept failing in Group 2. 

Failure in Group 2 almost put me into a state of depression, I stopped going out of my room and completely disconnected from my friends.

Somehow with the support of my family, I started studying for Group 2 again and cleared it in the 3rd attempt. That phase was very tough but I did grow a lot emotionally.

Starting with my articleship

As mentioned, after clearing IPCC the next step was to start with my articleship of 3 years.

I was still in college so now I had to juggle between college, work (articleship) and my CA Final Coaching.

So usually in India CA students take private coaching or group coaching for their exams. I had done the same.

Though this period was good, I had a lot of things to learn.

It helped me to gain confidence and the people who I worked with helped me to develop myself.

Trying to balance between classes, articleship and studies taught me time management skills.

So I would say the 3 years or so of articleship is very important.

However tough it may be never opt to do dummy articleship, it is the worst thing ever. 

CA Final Exams and dealing with personal loss 

Now to become a qualified CA I just had to give my CA Final exams.

Unfortunately, just 7 months before my CA Final exams I lost my father due to a sudden heart attack.

The period after the demise of my Dad was the toughest for me and my family.

I realized that I had to become the backbone of my family, I knew if I break down then my family would be shattered.

So I was literally transformed from a young dependant boy to an adult young man who had to take responsibility.

It was during this period that I started writing, as I was not able to share my feelings with anyone. Writing helped me to channel my emotions correctly.

At times you can't share your sorrows/problems with everyone, people at times take advantage or make fun so I started writing whatever I wanted to share.

So in short the loss of my dad help me discover my spiritual side and my writing skills.

Coming back to CA Final, that attempt I somehow appeared for the exams but failed.

This CA exam failure was easy to face. See, if you have faced the death of your father at such a young age there is nothing worse left to be faced!

While studying for my CA Final, I started investing/trading in the share market was able to manage my expenses from the income of my trading activity.

The continuous failure in CA Final exams was disheartening. But I knew I could not let these failures STOP me. I was just one step away from my goal.

Finally, I cleared my CA Final exams in my fourth attempt. 

I was now a qualified Chartered Accountant. 

My Journey as a Poet

I have written spiritual-quotes, motivational quotes, love quotes and bhajans (not recorded yet, it is in the process).

I have an FB / Instagram page Ronak Jhunjhunwala writer. I have also created a spiritual page named Dadi Pariwar, Giridih and also an admin of a spiritual page named Sri Rani Sati Dadi Ji Jhunjhunu (1lakh+ likes). This year my poems and quotes got published in 2 anthologies.

To Conclude...

In any difficult situation when I am unable to decide what to do I think to myself - What would have my Dad done in such a situation and then suddenly I find the right answer.

Continuous failure in CA Final exams or CA IPCC did not stop me from achieving my dreams.

Dusro ke sukh mein sukh dhundo apna

Dukh ka yeh upchar karo, pehle khud se fir dusro se pyar karo!

Life is a game and everyone has to face both good and bad moments, So play your role in this game happily

This is some Advice in Hindi:

Manzil dur hi sahi, (The destination was far away)

Lekin chalne ka hosla tha, (But I had the courage to move ahead in life)

Saath apno ka na sahi, (My own people left me)

Lekin sapno pe bharosa tha, (But I had faith in my dreams)

Khuda bhi le raha imtehaan meri kabiliyat ka (God was testing my capabilities)

Aur mujhe bhi apne aap pe pura bharosa tha (But I was confident in myself)

Now It's Your Turn...

Do you have any message for Ronak...if yes please comment below and let him know?

Also if you need any guidance Ronak is happy to help.

You can write to him at

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