How this CA Final student did not let her hearing disability get in the way of her CA journey

  • Hi, I am Ravina Mewani, a CA Final student hailing from Mumbai. While going about my CA journey I eventually found out the real meaning of life. And have learned to accept me for who I am.
  • Being an average student Chartered accountancy seemed like the best option for me and after clearing the IPCC group 1 exam on the 2nd attempt I started with my articleship phase during which I developed deafness.
  • It was during this phase that I accepted myself for who I am and made peace with having a hearing disability despite being made fun of by the so-called 'Perfect People' around me.
  • Even after failing the first attempt at CA Final exam I did not get discouraged and believed that I too would achieve that designation someday.  But I will not put down my happiness and peace of mind for this degree as becoming a CA is part of my journey, not the whole one.  

Clearing CPT & IPCC

Being an average student all through my academic life Commerce and Chartered Accountancy (CA) seemed like the best option, hence I went for it.

I cleared the CPT (1st level CA exam) on the 2nd attempt. Then came IPCC(2nd level CA exam which consists of Group 1 and Group 2). I failed my IPCC 1st attempt.

Initially, when I failed IPCC I cried and was super upset. The same old stuff. In the 2nd attempt, I gave my best, and cleared IPCC Group - 1, and started with my articleship from a small firm in Dombivali ( On clearing IPCC Group 1 / both groups articleship can be started).

Developing Deafness during my articleship phase:

My articleship phase was a time of self-discovery, it was this time that I got to know the real me. I got to know that I suffered from a hearing disability that is - Deafness.

I guess I developed deafness later in life as in school I never had hearing issues. It was during my articleship I realized that whenever I am in a group, everyone's voice wasn't as audible to me as when I talk on a one-on-one basis.

As there is nothing to feel sorry about, I accepted my 'Deafness' with grace. However, the so-called 'Perfect People' around me used to make fun of me, laugh at me and call me names. It used to hurt me terribly. I used to cry. At social gatherings, it started getting weird as I couldn't hear properly so I would take a while to react. I felt disconnected. Though I accepted myself it used to upset me initially.

CA Final phase: Accepting myself for who I am

It was then I started watching a lot of videos that kept me inspired. Gradually I connected with people who 'Understand The Real Life'. That's when I accepted myself completely and transformed into a human filled with joy, love, and courage. Today I am in love with myself. Nowadays I tell myself - Oh great I am deaf which makes me less exposed to nonsensical conversations? 

I remember this incident where my friend and I both failed IPCC - Group 2, my friend was sobbing and I was consoling her. I had forgotten that I had also failed. Actually, after accepting life I am always joyous. I took multiple attempts to clear IPCC, but I cleared and came out sane.

Even on my previous attempt at CA Final, I failed but I learned from my mistakes and studied again. I keep telling myself – “What’s the big deal? It’s just CA. Many have passed it and eventually I would too” and I stopped making it a big deal.

CA is a great journey, but I have not put my joy, happiness, peace of mind down just for this degree. I know CA's who have cleared in one go and are still miserable. Hence I say - Before setting your career, set your mind first. Mind control is important.

Wrapping up...

I am also like you, putting in efforts to have a good life. Remember that you don't need a degree to be recognized by other people, you need to have self-acceptance and self-belief.

Don't compete. Don’t make any issue a big deal!

Get stronger with every experience. And remember CA is just a part of your journey, not your entire journey.

Lastly, “Be a good listener, listen to yourself first “she concluded.

Today for the first time in life through facebook I am accepting myself as being Deaf and so I can say I have conquered this fear. I am successful in my own way!!!

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