Inspirational CA Story - TIPS to Clear CA Exams

Sharing an Inspirational CA story of CA Ammit Aggarwal who failed in CA Final in his 1st attempt in 5 subjects and the next attempt he passed with a RANK. He is also a professional singer.

"I always wanted to be a professional singer. My study goals were simple - To pursue an MBA and secure my future. But 'Life Took a Turn' when I filled the CPT (1st level CA exam ) form in SYBcom," says CA Ammit Aggarwal II who is classically trained in singing for 3 years and currently pursuing his passion for singing along with exploring all the viable options as a CA.

"Since I had regular college, I had no time for CPT coaching. I did not even study for CPT exam. However, on my parent's insistence, I appeared for the exam and cleared with an exact 100/200 ( 100 is the min needed to clear CPT). That day I felt super LUCKY.


Now comes IPCC (2nd level CA Exam) I took coaching for a few subjects. I loved Law and I spent all my time studying it. I was also very OVERCONFIDENT, I thought I would complete all my studies 1 month before the exam and in the last month just revise. However the course was huge and I literally struggled to complete the entire syllabus. Due to my good grasp on whatever '70 percent' of the portion I studied, I managed to clear my IPCC in the 1st attempt. Articleship, as usual, was hectic but filled with different life-changing experiences.


Then came CA Final which changed my perspective on life. Whoever I met from friends to teachers all told me that CA FINAL IS VERY VERY HARD and I actually believed them. I started preparing very early for the exam and was very consistent with my studies. I appeared for CA Final in Nov'16 and I failed in 5 subjects (CA FINAL has 8 subjects in total). I got an exemption in Indirect Taxation ( Scoring min 60 in a subject gives one an exemption).

I was really shocked and shattered. I did study very hard and felt I gave my best. So I was wondering what went wrong ??? Then I picked myself and DECIDED TO ANALYSE as to what went so wrong that I failed in 5 subjects miserably.

A Secret of every rank holder:

Every Rank Holder follows this:

  • Full coverage of PRACTICE MANUAL is a MUST
  • Writing Practice is a  MUST
  •  I made a GLOSSARY OF TECHNICAL WORDS in LAW/ AUDIT/ ISCA and learned all of them and used them in my answers
  •  MOCK PAPERS are a MUST. They help us with Time Management and gives us the Confidence for the real exam
  • REVISION IS THE KEY - So make short notes and keep revising. NOTES ARE A MUST
  •  HIGHLIGHT KEYWORDS in your answer. Make it fun for the examiner to check your paper

I followed the above funda and studied for 7 subjects (as I had an exemption in IDT). I gave my 2nd attempt and guess what were my results - 574/800. My marks were equivalent to that of a rank holder, however as I had claimed an exemption no rank could be awarded to me.

So now I help other students correct their mistake and guide them. I have also been through emotional trauma as well. My best friend since childhood failed in IPCC 3 times and because of the frustration he 'Committed Suicide'.

So I also ADVICE students - Please have one support system in life who will help you in tough times and share your problems with them.


Also if u have a PASSION then do pursue it along with your studies. We need to balance our life and secure it for future, EDUCATION plays a very important role.

Never leave your studies unless your super confident and have that mental strength and patience to risk it all.

Take your time in life. DO NOT COMPARE YOUR JOURNEY WITH OTHERS," he concluded.

P:S: Also if you are going through a rough phase and stuck with CA you can write to him ON FACEBOOK.

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