My CA Journey - Moving from Shillong to Kolkata to Mumbai

"I belong to BEAUTIFUL SHILLONG - The Capital set amidst a picturesque landscape of pine-covered hills, rapid streams, and captivating waterfalls provides a perfect getaway from the heat," says 25-year-old CA Anupam Ghosh a proud CA and CS and 14th in Shillong currently working in Nivea, India.

I asked him," How did Chartered Accountancy (CA) happen?"

He said,"After completing my 10th Std I went ahead and did commerce as most of my friends were doing the same! However during the 12th Std, all my friends were pursuing different things, I was lost as to what should I do.

During that phase, I consulted many people on what should I pursue next. I casually asked my teachers how about CA, but NO ONE gave me the confidence or motivated me, they simply said that in Shillong there are very few CA's and that too very old who cleared in multiple attempts, your career will go for a toss. They were afraid that I would not succeed as I was JUST AN ABOVE AVERAGE student, to be a CA one had to be a 'GENIUS' as per them! I was confused.?♀ I had no one to speak to! They all told me to do MBA. However, the question of doing MBA was whether I could afford it or not. I belong to a family with a humble background so I did not want to stress my parents financially by doing MBA.

After my HSC exams, vacation time, I attended a 3 months tally coaching class. It was there I met a teacher who guided me on different options after grade 12. He said Don't Worry if YOU WORK HARD you surely will be a CA. So immediately after the results, I thought I would go to Kolkata (my uncle lives there) and pursue my studies. Thus with almost zero knowledge of the outer world and about my career, I decided to give CA a try...!!!

CPT Journey:

While in Kolkata, while travelling by bus I saw a board for CA coaching -CPT. I got off the bus and went to the class. The coaching fees were only 6000 rupees. I spoke to my parents and they encouraged me to go ahead. I researched that CA the entire course is not very expensive, that gave me relief as it would be easy for my parents as well. College and CPT classes started. I was by myself in Kolkata, my uncle had a business so he used to travel most of the times. CPT was easy I cleared it in the 1st attempt.

IPCC Journey & Enrolling for CS:

Then came IPCC (2nd level CA Exam). I joined a class for IPCC, first day at class and the students were talking randomly- IPCC is super tough, very few clear etc...I freaked out. So I took another chance by enrolling for Company Secretary (CS) WITHOUT fully knowing about the repercussions and the amount of pressure I would need to handle.

Now I was sailing in 3 boats (B.Com, CA and CS) and it was very difficult to manage as I had never ever faced such pressure before. It was a crazy time!!!! However, I worked hard, stayed optimistic and cleared IPCC in the 1st attempt.

Articleship, CA Final Journey & Supportive Seniors:

Then came articleship. My office had a very negative vibe making it tough for me to survive. Luckily I had a good senior who guided me throughout. She had also cleared CA in the 1st attempt and motivated me that I could do it too. It gave me BELIEF.

The journey was tough -

  • Early morning classes (I used to wake up at 4:30 am daily )
  • Then client's place for articleship
  • Back home by 8 pm,
  • Then complete the homework
  • Cook dinner and sleep (almost 1 am). This was my routine for 3 years!
  • BUT when I think about it now it all made me so STRONG.
  • The journey from Shillong to Kolkata has given me such amazing friends and experiences.

In 2014 I cleared my CA Final, luckily in the First Attempt!!!

Life Post CA Qualification:

Post that I went to Bangalore for my campus placements and secured a job in COCA COLA, Mumbai with the best industry package.

ALL THIS HAPPENED because of that one professor who put the seed of CA into my mind and told me It is POSSIBLE FOR ME TO BE A CA, IT ONLY NEEDED HARD WORK AND A POSITIVE ATTITUDE.

When people hear that I am from Shillong they are like- WOW MAN IT'S BEE SOME SERIOUS JOURNEY FROM EAST TO WEST!!!!

Now when I go to Shillong to visit my parents I go to my school telling students what all they can do after their class 10, showing them the POSSIBILITIES and GUIDING them. It gives me great joy when they call me and tell me that my counseling has helped them discover and understand the various options available.

Being from a NORTHEASTERN STATE is not my drawback rather AN ADVANTAGE, I can speak five languages Nepali, Assamese, English, Hindi, and Bengali. Life is beautiful there, the place is stunning."

My ADVICE to others:

  • LIFE gave me some tough times but I NEVER FAILED to give life a reply by STAYING MOTIVATED.
  • We HAVE TO LEARN TO FIND HOPE (for us) AND TO GIVE HOPE (to others).
  • And Please Do Visit Shillong, it is GORGEOUS," he concluded.

You need Guidance for CA / CS or planning a trip to SHILLONG contact him at


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