From Wanting To Be A Cricketer All My Life to Pursuing CA

An Inspirational story of Piyush from Mumbai who went from being a 'very average student in school' to passing CPT with just 1 month of studying in the 1st attempt and IPCC both groups in the 2nd attempt. He shares with us all his learnings.

From Just 65% in 10th Std to CA Final:

“First of all I had no plans to go for any professional degree, I had No Goals in life and No Good Grades. I scored a ‘65 %’ in my 10the Std - which we all know is very less compared to the 90 percent plus scores nowadays,” says Piyush Agrawal , Mumbai who is currently preparing for his CA Final Exam.

“When I was in 12th Std I saw people getting into great colleges and choosing various careers thereby making their parents proud. Also, the place I live in has got all toppers so that used to bother me even more.

Moving from Cricket to Pursuing CA:

I had a great interest in playing cricket and I used to spend the whole day playing cricket. I even joined professional cricket training. But as we know it’s a tough career option hence nobody favored me. Eventually, I had to leave cricket. Moving from cricket to studies was a disastrous thing that ever happened to me.

CPT Journey:

But then I moved somehow and decided to choose CA. Initially, I could not even grasp what was going on, especially Math. It was like rocket science for me and that was the weakest subject in CPT (1st level of CA exam) journey. Just a month away from the exam I got a feeling that I will not be able to clear CPT, but I DID NOT LOSE HOPE. I kept on practicing and that one month was a life-changing period for me. Exams got over and on the result day and it said ‘PASS’. Many of my classmates who were brilliant did not clear CPT that made me BELIEVE EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE.

IPCC Journey:

After clearing CPT, I was totally motivated. Now it was time for IPCC (2nd level CA exam – It has 2 groups Group 1 and Group 2). I had to stay focused throughout if I had to clear IPCC. I had 9 months to prepare for IPCC, which is a very long period to just study. So apart from studying IPCC books, I used to read different books especially books related to stock markets and autobiographies. Reading autobiographies made me believe that the world doesn’t stop at studies and there is much more to explore, hence I used to spend long hours reading different practical things.

As the exams approached I lost focus on IPCC Group 2. As I was in a confused state of mind I was influenced by others and just gave IPCC Group 1. The decision to give just one group took a lot of my mental time. I failed IPCC - Group 1 exam by 9 marks. I was super upset that night but the next morning I woke up with a different perspective literally forgetting all about the failure.

This is what I did Next:

  • I Decided to give Both Groups
  • Made a Detailed Study Plan, I literally planned each day.
  • I studied really hard with very little socialization.
  • And YES I did clear IPCC both groups in my 2nd attempt.

My Advice:

  • So if you are just a '65 percent' kind of a person WITH FOCUS, DEDICATION YOU CAN DO AND BE ANYTHING.

P:S: You can reach him on FB Piyush Agarwal /


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