Find Out How to Pursue CA and Run a Business while Studying

Sonal Bhatia tells us - How the Fear of Failure actually resulted in her failing 3 times in CA Final. She also shares her journey as a Crafter and how art can be so relaxing.

"I would like to start with a quote ' YOU MAY NOT PLAN FOR SOMETHINGS IN LIFE BUT YOUR DESTINY WILL TAKE YOU THERE'. Being a meritorious student I opted CA as a career and never thought of making art as a career,” says Sonal Bhatia, CA Final Student from Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh.

CPT & IPCC Journey

“Talking about my CA journey, it was quite normal. I cleared CPT (1st level CA exam) in the 1st attempt. Then I prepared for both groups of IPCC ( 2nd level CA exam consisting of 2 groups – Grp 1& Grp 2) but I was able to clear Group - 1 in the 1st  attempt and Group - 2 in another attempt. It was my first academic failure but bearable! During my articleship days, ART acted like a stress buster. I used to take out some time from hectic schedules and go to art classes where I learned ceramic work.

CA Final Journey

CA journey became tough when I failed 3 times in my CA Final exam (last exam in CA which consists of 2 groups – GRP 1 & GRP 2). The reason for my failure was silly - I used to get nervous thinking about 'What will happen If I won't clear it again'. I was Fearful.

Advice by my Dad:

It became even tougher when people started criticizing me and questioned my ability. I was completely shattered but my parents stood with me like pillars. They supported me a lot. My dad told me to mark some words and I would like to quote it here ' NOT EVERYONE WILL UNDERSTAND YOUR JOURNEY AND THAT'S OKAY, JUST BELIEVE IN YOURSELF AND KEEP WORKING HARD’.

Then I started working on my weakness. I started practicing more and more of mock test papers and past test papers. And the day came when I cleared my CA Final GRP - 2. My GRP - 1 is still pending but now I believe that 'I CAN AND I WILL'.

Life as a Crafter

Now talking about my journey as a Crafter, I used to make cards and scrapbooks as gifts for my friends and in return, they used to appreciate my creativity. One of my close friends motivated me to start my page and without any expectations, the next day itself that’s is on 23rd Nov'16 I created my craft page on Facebook and Instagram as well known as Get_Golden_by_heart.

I presented my little creativity in the form of some cards on that page. Soon one after the other orders started coming in, clients appreciated my creativity, as well as my services and Get_Golden_by_heart, became a great success. It is not only about taking orders and showing creativity while working on orders I feel like I am working on crafting happiness which people share.

My suggestion to everyone is- DON'T GIVE UP. YOUR MIRACLE IS ON THE WAY,” she concluded.

P:S: You can reach her on Get_Golden_by_heart. She makes the most beautiful cards and scrapbooks. My order is on the way, pls order yours too.

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