From Failing CA Exams 5 Times to Starting My Own Venture

The Finance Story

After failing IPCC 5 times Nikhil soon realized not to care about 'Duniya Kya Bolegi' and pursued his Dream of starting an Online Portal  India Khel.

"I was a bright student all through my school and junior college and used to participate in various competitions and win many awards. On my teacher's guidance I decided to pursue Chartered Accountancy (CA)," says Nikhil Pawar, from Navi Mumbai (New Mumbai), India.

CPT & IPCC Journey:

"I cleared CPT (1st level CA exam) in the 1st attempt. Then came IPCC ( 2nd level CA exam, this consists of 2 groups - GRP 1 & GRP 2). I cleared IPCC Group 1 in the 1st attempt and then IPCC Group 2 - I gave 1,2,3 attempts but I was still not passing. My confidence crashed. I felt hopeless and helpless. I tried again 4th, 5th, 6th attempt and still no positive feedback. I was shattered, but even more than me were my parents. Seeing me go through this made them really sad. It made me feel I had let them down. It was a sudden shift from a so-called 'Bright Student to a Dumb Student'.

If I think of it now maybe I did not give my 100 percent, but at that point in time whatever best I could give I did. But somehow things were not moving from IPCC - Grp 2. I had the passion for accounts, numbers, and business, but when I really got into it, it turned out to be much different. I am not blaming the ICAI as they want us to be all-rounders and they are right in their way.

Entrepreneurial Journey:

However, I regained my confidence and worked on an idea that I had in my mind for really long. I started India Khel -  An Online Social Networking platform for people with similar SPORTS INTEREST. Its a total package for sports lovers. We launched it this Oct'17 and we have around 150+ active users on it.

It is a Portal where:

  • Anyone can find their Sports Buddy
  • Create Teams and Manage Events
  • Buy and Sell new/old sports goods
  • Provide sports services like training and coaching, rent out grounds and turfs etc.

Future Plans:

I'm also working on an idea of Time Travel using Virtual Reality which I have patented and now working on a prototype. Also, I will be trying CA again and again till I succeed and I will pursue it along with my online portals.

To all those out there -  People will always talk about you irrespective of success or failures. So DO WHAT YOU WANT  because, in a few weeks, people will stop asking; in a few years, they’ll stop caring. BE BRAVE," he concluded.

P :S: Nikhil Pawar can be reached on /



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