Tips on Staying Fit While Studying


Sharing an Inspirational story of CA Kulvinder Ruhil who cleared his CA in the 1st attempt along with being TOTALLY FIT.


Can a 'Chartered Accountant' look like this? When the word CA comes to our mind we think of someone who is studious, geeky and boring! But our very own ' SEHAT SINGH' has changed that for us. Having a CA into fitness seems like a TIME TO CELEBRATE for all of us!!!

"Right from my school days, I have been good in sports and academics. I got into fitness at a very early age. Post 12th grade I decided on doing Chartered Accountancy(CA).

EVERYONE JUDGED ME by my appearance and thought that I would not be able to clear CA, but I amazed all of them with my DETERMINATION and SELF CONFIDENCE. I cleared CA in the 1st attempt, all the 3 exams," said CA Kulvinder Ruhil a.k.a SEHAT SINGH.

Routine while studying CA

What was your routine while studying for CA I asked," I followed the same pattern like most students pursuing CA. Early morning classes, college, articleship etc however in between all of this I continued with my exercise routine, always ate healthily and of course studied with dedication.

Most students don't eat healthy while studying as they don't realize the importance of it. Being conscious about healthy eating, I used to carry along with me biscuits (Parle G), dry fruits, bananas wherever I went. I had developed healthy eating habits on my own. Also exercising and staying fit has a very POSITIVE IMPACT on the MIND. It releases those 'Happy Hormones' which keep us motivated. Staying MOTIVATED and POSITIVE does make life easy.

Failure at IAS Exam

However, I have also faced failures in studies. CA went smoothly. I wanted to do something for the betterment of society, so I decided to be an IAS Officer. I gave UPSC exams 3 times and failed really badly each time. It was my first failure and was very tough on me. Many a time it happens that we plan out certain things but they DO NOT seem to work out well. Never give up on hope in such situations rather adapt yourself to such changes and try to overcome them with a positive attitude. Failures will keep coming our way, it is a part and parcel of life. Post this failure I realized that FITNESS IS MY LIFE and I could INSPIRE so many others by pursuing this calling. My destiny is into FITNESS.

SEHAT SINGH - Ek Desi SuperHero

That's when I came up with a concept known as "SEHAT SINGH" with a VISION stating 'Ek Desi SuperHero' who would make people laugh as well as show people how to stay fit. This concept gained a lot of positive responses on social media (Facebook) with 74k followers supporting it and it did change many lives. Many of 'SEHAT SINGH' followers quit smoking cigarettes, drinking alcohol, etc.


From then there is no turning back! I have interviewed unknown sportsmen who are excellent at what they do but haven't got the recognition. We covered a story of 'GOONGA PEHLWAN' aka 'VIRENDER SINGH' which went viral. Later on, the PEHLWAN was awarded and due respect was given to him.


With a way to promote fitness, I started 'SEHAT WORLD' a fitness center where an entire family could work out. From the grandchild to grandparents! It is the largest in India spread across 8000 sq.ft area. It comprises of 60 meters running track, boxing ring, soundproof yoga room and dance hall.




















Sehat Cafe includes 75 menu items such as multi-grain roti, poha, pasta, oats, grilled chicken, and fish. I had come up with the idea of fitness center keeping in mind the workout of 3 generations. I have got a good response from the fitness centre, now I have come up with 3 international boxing camps where topmost boxers come to my fitness centre for boxing.




Being a CA I can easily work out the financial part and manage my venture. Because of the two letters CA attached to my name a lot of people believe in me. I make more sense to them. It is a little easier to convince them that we can be fit and study/ work at the same time :-)


My ADVICE to others is -



























  • Workout and stay fit because it is important.
  • Do not workout just to impress anyone!
  • If you are physically and mentally fit you can face any problems which come your way.
  • Managing your work along with staying fit adds to value for a better and brighter future life. Do not do anything at the cost of harming your health.
  • Consciously take all your DECISIONS in life do not make haste which leads to waste.
  • Always remember one thing OUR BODY HAS TO BE HEALTHY FROM WITHIN. And there are NO SHORTCUTS towards it.



P.S. Need any fitness tips while studying / working follow SEHAT SINGH

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