From Failing Multiple Times in CA exams to Clearing with 60+ marks in Most Subjects

An Inspirational story of CA Seema Shah who cleared IPCC in the 4th Attempt and CA Final in the 3rd Attempt with exemptions in most subjects.

"I grew up with a mind of my own. I went in for commerce and focused on Chartered Accountancy. I belong to a middle-class family where most of them are engineers and have government jobs. I was really happy when I cleared CPT (1st level CA exam) in the 1st attempt. No doubt the score was only 102 (100 being the min to clear) but this was no ordinary exam for me - It was my 1st exam in English," says CA Seema Shah, from the fastest developing city Surat, Gujarat.

My Journey from Gujarati Medium to English Medium 

"Yes, I studied in Gujarati Medium my entire life and this was my 1st exam in English. I clearly remember the 1st day of CPT class I was nervous because I could not understand the words in English that others could. 

That night I literally sat down with the dictionary and decided - Mare CA to Bani ne je Batavvu che (I can and I will be CA don’t know how and when but will be a CA). I worked a lot on my English and still do. 


Now came IPCC (2nd level CA exam, which consists of 2 groups - GRP 1 & GRP 2). I worked really hard and failed in the 1st attempt! 

Again I gave the exam and failed the 2nd attempt as well. I realized my mistake that if I intend to clear IPCC, I had to write my answers with content and link each transaction entry with their provision. 

On the 3rd attempt, I appeared for IPPC-Grp1 and failed again. 

On the 4th attempt, I gave both groups and cleared IPCC. I was relieved and excited.

Articleship Journey

Then started my articleship. I joined a reputed CA firm thus getting great practical exposure. 

Now for joining CA final class, I had to wait for 6 to 8 months due to a financial crisis in the family. During the waiting period, I started self-study. Luckily during that time, I got an opportunity to help my father in his work of census calculation & out of that work I got enough money to join a coaching class. 

Now I was determined that I have to work hard to clear Finals. However, I failed the 1st & 2nd attempt. But the 3rd attempt I cleared and that too with an exemption in most of the subjects.

My advice for all is - I have studied my entire life either on the terrace of our rented place (single room & single kitchen) or at a library. 

Family Background, having a luxurious home, schooling medium, being a bright student, all these entire things DO NOT MATTER TO SUCCEED IN LIFE.



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