From Failing in CPT to Starting my Online Venture to Generating 1 Crore plus in Revenue

An Inspirational Story of Devyash Patel who shares his journey from failing in CPT to starting his own venture with Rs 200 INR and making revenue of ONE Crore in less than 2 years.

My Journey:

"I am still not a CA but more than happy to pursue what I love i.e DIGITAL MARKETING. I started my company with only Rs 200 & today we make ONE CRORE plus in revenue. There are a lot of the ups and downs in this entrepreneurship journey the 'internal joy' we experience is priceless," says 23-year-old Devyash Patel, founder at, YouTuber & digital marketing enthusiast person from JaipurRajasthan.

“I was a bright student and very passionate about computers since childhood. However, I opted for commerce listening to everyone's advice. After class 12th I started with Chartered Accountancy (CA) as everyone around me was doing the same.

I enrolled for CPT (1st level CA) and FAILED. Out of all my friends I was the only one who FAILED CPT. It felt really SILLY after all CPT is the EASIEST! I reappeared for CPT and cleared the second time.

IPCC & Articleship Journey:

Then came IPCC (2nd level CA). I cleared IPCC in the 1st attempt itself. I started with my articleship. It was a small CA firm. I learned everything from small accounting tasks to bank audits etc. All of this was getting very boring. Instead of getting worried, I started developing my TECH SIDE! I would learn and understand new software, research how other countries use technology to do online accounting work, study about SAP, etc.

In 2014 there was a turning point in my life. I saw a book named ‘Life and Promise’ featuring on my Facebook page. The author of the book happened to be a CA. I approached him and started selling his book online on a commission basis. I learned basic marketing & sold more than 1000 copies in 2-3 months. After that, I sold CA Metal badges | CA tag custom T-shirts I CA Notes, etc

My Entrepreneurial Journey:

My articleship was about to end. It was time for my CA Final exam. However, I knew my passion by now. I wrote a business plan for an ‘Online Legal Service Marketplace Portal’, I learned the basic coding, bought a domain, and tied up 30 -40 CA firms PAN India. In Jan 2016 along Ankush Sachdeva, I founded and built our in-house legal team.

Today we are one of the leading Web - portals in terms of traffic in our segment, serving over 5000+ clients across India with 2 offices in Delhi & Jaipur. We are associated with leading banks & e-commerce companies, qualified for IIT-K B Plan competition, received an official ICSI campus placement invite, have a Youtube channel with more than 1 lakh+ subscribers & a lot of other milestones.

Here is my ADVICE for CA Students:

 Just try to FIND your interest or passion. The work which you can do it 24 hours without thinking about the name, fame or money or success & failure.

  •  Don't leave your CA until you are not sure about your strength. Just take the very small steps and try to connect with your CA. There is no risk in that.
  •  Always build your LEARNING ATTITUDE instead of Earning attitude. Work on your skills because experts never have a price tag.
  • Find something in your existing field which you really love.


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