Journey from Getting Blind in the Right Eye to Becoming a CA by using Mind Power

























Sharing an Inspirational Story of a boy from a small village in Rajasthan who got blind in his right eye, went through all sort of Financial Struggles, Cleared CA & started his own CA Practice. He credits his 'Mind Power' to bring him Success.


From Being Blind and Having No Vision in the Right Eye To Starting His Own Business


"I am completely BLIND in my right eye.  When I was 5 years old a sharp object went into my right eye while playing with my friends. I was too young to feel depressed about it then. However, as I grew older I realized my family used to consider me 'Less-Abled' and were always worried about my future, that's when the loss of an eye hit me," says CA Lokesh Pokharna who belongs to a very small village Chittorgarh in Rajasthan.


"However it also ENCOURAGED me to work hard for a better future for me and my family, so no complains!!! At 13 years old I started a 'Grocery Store' in an empty space outside my house. I used to run the shop all by myself and study as well. This went on till I cleared my 12th-grade exam. Fortunately, my maternal uncle who always saw the potential in me and believed in my abilities decided to fill the CPT exam (1st level CA exam) form for me. That's how CA happened !!!!!


CPT  & IPCC Journey Without any Coaching:


I worked hard for CPT and cleared it in the 1st attempt. Then came IPCC ( 2nd level of CA exam consisting of 2 groups, Group 1 & Group 2). I cleared it in 3 attempts, without any coaching. There were days when I wanted to give up as I had a lot of pressure to work as my family needed me to contribute financially to the household. However, I kept reminding myself that FAILURE IS DELAY, NOT DEFEAT and kept pushing, though mentally I had decided if I fail one more time I would give up. Luckily I cleared the 3rd attempt!!!


I did my articleship from Chittorgarh itself. During all this time I managed my expenses with my savings which I had while running my grocery shop.


CA Final Journey & Love at First Sight:


Then came CA Final. I decided to give only the Group - 2 ( CA Final has 8 papers divided into 2 groups, one can give both groups together or any one of them first) this attempt. I enrolled for CA Final lectures in Indore. However this attempt I failed miserably. To be honest there was this girl who I met in class and I fell in love with her. It was one-sided kind of love! I was never able to express my feelings to her. I was completely distracted at times and completely focussed at times. It was funny !!!


Again my family insisted that I quit and start working. However, I knew I had to become a CA else all my efforts would be of no use. The next attempt I decided to work really hard. I would wake up at 6 am and study till 9 pm in the library and then study again in the night, this continued for 4 months till my exam.


Discovery of MIND POWER:


Also during this phase, I discovered the importance of my MIND. One day while traveling by train, I met a man who was reading the ' THE POWER OF YOUR SUBCONSCIOUS MIND' by Dr. Joseph Murphy. I was fascinated by the idea of how our subconscious mind can influence our life. I purchased that book immediately and started practicing it. The book said we become what we REPEATEDLY tell ourselves internally, in our HEAD. Along with studying hard, I kept telling myself that I AM A CA and I would IMAGINE myself clearing CA. This attempt I cleared my CA Finals and got the exact same marks I decided to achieve!!!


I learned a big lesson here- We BECOME WHAT WE REPEATEDLY KEEP TELLING OURSELVES. Positive SELF TALK can create magic!!! This book is a MUST READ. After becoming a CA I worked in a steel plant, then in HDFC Bank and recently I started my CA own practice in Ahmedabad.


So my ADVICE is -
























  • Success comes from Experience and Experience may Sometimes come from Bad Experience.
  • So Whatever you wish to Pursue Give it Your All.
  • And remember WE become what we keep telling ourselves, so ALWAYS keep telling yourself an AMAZING STORY about YOURSELF," he concluded.



Note: You can reach him at



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