Clearing CA Final in the 1st Attempt to Dealing with Personal Loss

Cleared CA in 1st attempt

Sharing an Inspirational Story of CA Diwakar from Bihar who pursued CA as he wanted to make his Mom proud, however just before his CA Final Exams he loses her in an accident.

In spite of all the difficulties, he clears CA Final in the 1st attempt making her proud.

“It was my mom’s dream that I do something BIG in life, she always used to say- "Mera beta bada aadmi banega" and I used to affirm her statement by saying- "Yes mom, I will be,” says CA Diwakar Jha from Madhubani, India, Bihar.

CPT Journey

“It all started in 2012 when I was in class 12. One day my friends and I randomly decided to research on the CA course. That’s when I decided that CA is what I want to be.

Meanwhile, I appeared for my Board Exams in March’12 and had my CPT exam (1st level CA Exam) due in June’12. Since the syllabus of CPT was very much in sync with that of Class 12, it was easy and I was able to clear it in the 1st attempt. I was more confident now.

IPCC Journey

Next came IPCC (2nd level CA exam consisting of Group 1 & Group 2). I had my attempt due in May’13. I started preparing early, but since I had no one to guide me, I decided to give only Group 1.

I was able to clear it in 1st attempt. I could see the joy in the eyes of my parents.

The fact is that I had seen my parents work really very hard to educate me, hard work towards my studies came naturally to me.

Articleship Journey and IPCC Group 2

Post that I had to deal with IPCC Group -2. I had to skip an attempt as I invested a lot of my time on mandatory training (ITT & Orientation) and finding a CA firm for my articleship. I managed to get into a good CA firm for my articleship.

As I cleared only Group - 1 of IPCC, the option to join the BIG 4's seemed closed. But that didn’t hurt me much. I knew the fact that a CA is a CA and if we want to learn something, we can learn it anywhere.

Now I was busy with my articleship and studies. The initial days were a bit tough as I was never exposed to such kind of situations like dealing with clients, notices, departments, etc. Gradually I settled in and was stronger and more confident than before.

Meanwhile, I appeared for my Group 2. I took study leave for 14 days, appeared for the exams, and joined office the very next day post my exams.

I cleared my Group-2 also in the 1st Attempt. After this result, I became a bit more popular in my colony, few of my friends started calling me 'CA Sahab' and that was very delightful to listen to.

Dealing with Personal Loss

Now, it was time to plan and execute things for the ultimate battle CA Final, but before doing that I focused a bit more on my articleship as the first year is really very important, its the phase when we learn things for the first time. Life was good till then!

It was one year up since I started with my articleship and was about to start my studies for CA-Final. However, life had something else in store for me. I lost my mom in an accident. I was completely shattered, heartbroken, isolated. It was the biggest sorrow of my life.

See the height of my misfortune, I was not even able to see her for the last time. I saw my father crying for the first time in life. It was a loss, I could never come out of, a part of my heart died with her.

Days passed, but still, I was not able to study at all. I was not finding the purpose to study further, but I had to pick myself up to do it for my father now! I managed to get back on track.

It's so true - You don’t need motivation from outside to do anything, it comes from within, and when you are in such kind of situation, you are fully charged up to do something and prove yourself. Clearing CA became my priority.

CA Final Journey

My dad continued working hard to support my education and my younger brother managed the household activities. Almost 17 hrs of my day was with studies, classes, and work.

I had become mentally strong, life was getting better and back on track. I planned a lot and tried to stick to my study plans as much as I could.

I revised the syllabus systematically and practiced a lot during my study leave. I even gave mock tests.

As the exam days approached, my mind had a hundred thoughts running through it. The exam period tests you physically, mentally & emotionally. I was determined to give my best in all the exams no matter what happens. My exams went well.

Finally, the result day arrived, and yet again I cleared CA Final in the 1st attempt.

That day I saw my father crying for the second time, but this time the tears were of gratitude. I felt I fulfilled my mom’s dream that day, but unfortunately, my mom was not there.

Those emotions cannot be explained through words. That day, I sensed that I have done something special in my life, he concluded.

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