Why Failure is Good for Success

An Inspirational Story of CA Atharva who teaches us Whether we like it or not, failure is a necessary stepping stone to building our dreams.

My Journey

"You may have a different story and a different background, but do remember to NEVER GIVE UP. Because when you DON'T GIVE UP, MAGIC HAPPENS," says CA Atharva Apte from Mumbai, India.

"My parents have worked supremely hard to reach where they are today. Because of them, I had a very comfortable and easy life. I only had ONE JOB - TO STUDY. In general, I was a cool happy go lucky guy. Growing up I always heard that - Array tu toh hoshiyaar hai, kuch toh accha kar lega. Scored well in 10th,12th Std. Cleared CPT (1st level CA exam) and CA-IPCC (2nd level CA) in the 1st attempt.

CA Final Journey 1st Attempt

So all I got to hear during my 1st CA final attempt is ki - Tereko kya hai, tu toh aaramse clear ho jayega 1st shot mein. BUT I FAILED in the 1st attempt itself. My world came crashing down. People started judging me. But to be honest I did not deserve to clear because I had not studied (Our heart already knows the result when we step out of the exam hall). Reason: OVERCONFIDENCE.

CA Final Journey - My 2nd Attempt & Self Discovery:

  • I learned from my past mistakes and studied very hard.
  • I put my mind, body, soul for the attempt and I believed, I believed in my hard work, my studies and also my papers.
  • My attempt was amazing. I was 110% confident of clearing!
  • I still clearly remember the day, 17th Jan 2017 - I saw the word 'FAILED' again.

The 1st attempt result was shocking, the 2nd attempt result was catastrophic. I had poured my soul in the attempt - HOW COULD I FAIL?? Probably the worst time of my life. A friend even suggested visiting a psychiatrist. It took time to come to terms with it but I had no option. Without a CA degree, I had nothing to show.

My parents and my sister were my strength. They supported me and I realized that I do have that caliber to achieve anything I want to. They made me look DEEP WITHIN MY OWN SELF.

Within a month of the results, I was back on track. My hard work had failed and it was time to PERSEVERE. Every day before my studies I looked in the MIRROR and told myself - THAT MY TIME IS NOW AND I AM CLEARING THIS ATTEMPT.

CA Final Journey - My 3rd Attempt & Dealing with Breathing Problems during the exams:

My CA Final 3rd attempt (May 17) begun. It was going fantastic. While writing my ISCA paper, I suddenly started having breathing problems. I completed the paper somehow but the problem persisted throughout the evening and it got severe in a few hours. At 1.30 in the night, my parents rushed me to the hospital. I got admitted.

Although taxes were my weakest subjects, I had confidence in the 6 papers I had written so far and I knew I just had to go and get a 40 each in the remaining 2 papers. My prayers were answered and the doctors let me go within few hours of getting admitted. On the day of the paper, the problems resurfaced. This time coupled with acidity.

I SWEAR TO GOD, even if I were dying, I was going to go and write my remaining 2 papers. I had to give a fighting chance to my 4 months of hard work and the fantastic papers I had written up until then. WITH a bag full of pills, an inhaler and a NEVER GIVE UP ATTITUDE, I wrote my exam. The remaining papers were horrible but I just needed min 40 to pass and that is what I got. I cleared CA that attempt.

Exactly a year after my 1st attempt result, the screen shined “PASS”. I was a CA.

In Conclusion...

CA transformed me from a Lazy, Irresponsible, Overconfident happy go lucky guy To a Hardworking, Responsible, Confident & Happy go lucky guy as well - some things just don’t change.

P:S - He can be reached on atharva.apte94@gmail.com/thecastory@gmail.com

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