Hiring in Merger & Acquisition Tax: Financial Consultancy Experience is mandatory and must be a CA

Hiring of Chartered Accountants by Contactx Resource Management in M&A Tax

Before we go ahead...Did you know?

M&A can be an attractive career path, not only because it's lucrative but also because you play a role in significant financial decisions.

M&A professionals are often intermediaries in decisions involving big industry players, which means you might have a hand in deals that go into the billions.

Contactx Resource Management Co. Ltd. is hiring Chartered Accountants for Merger & Acquisition - Tax

The responsibilities would include:

  • Providing tax & regulatory advice on M&A transactions and restructuring.
  • Having good knowledge of Corporate Tax regulations relating to M&A.
  • Exchange Control Regulations, SEBI Regulations, Stamp duty regulations.
  • Keeping up-to-date on developments in tax and regulatory space – FEMA, SEBI, Corporate Laws, etc.
  • Coaching / developing junior members on the concepts of M&A Tax, re-structuring and corporate tax.
  • Providing M&A tax advisory services and PE tax strategies.
  • Building positive client relationships and demonstrating an understanding of the client’s requirements and business.

Levels - Senior/Assistant Manager/Manager

Experience - Financial Consultancy experience is mandatory

Qualification - Must be a CA

Click here to apply. 

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