My Journey From An Average Hindi Medium Girl To A Qualified CA All In The 1st Attempt


















CA Mamta shares her journey from an ‘Average Hindi Medium Girl to a CA’. She cleared all her CA exams in the 1st attempt. 


"I was always an average student. While I was in FYJC one of my sister's friend told me that - CA is not for average students. CA is a tough course you can't do it. Honestly, it did hurt my 'EGO' greatly. The very next day I registered for CPT (1st level CA)," says CA CA Mamta Agarwal from, Pali-Marwar, Rajasthan, India.


My CPT Journey and From Hindi Medium To English Medium:


"Now it was time to get coaching for CPT (1st level CA exam) however in my city there were no good classes. So I decided to give CA a drop and focused only on my college studies. Somehow I couldn't make peace with myself that I was not pursuing CA, so the very same year in Nov I started with my CPT studies for exams in Dec. That 1 month I studied day and night with only one goal - To clear CPT in one go and yes I did clear that attempt. This small success gave me a lot of confidence. Basically, until grade 12 I studied in 'Hindi Medium' so CPT was my first exam in English and thus the self-study and clearing in the first shot was a big achievement.


My IPCC Journey:


Next came IPCC (2nd level CA consisting of 2 groups, Group 1 and Group 2). This time I moved to Jodhpur for coaching. I just had one goal in mind - To clear in one go. I again worked really hard and gave my best. I cleared IPCC in the FIRST ATTEMPT. That day I realized that HARD WORK never goes to waste. If one has the DEDICATION then no-one can stop you.


Honestly, till IPCC I was just pursuing CA to prove a point to that girl - That even I AM capable of being a CA. But after IPCC it became my dream to be a CA. I somehow wanted to 'REPRESENT POSSIBILITIES' to others that even a Hindi medium, average student CAN become a CA in the first attempt.


So before my CA final exams in Nov 2016 I again focused on 4 things: 


















  1. Time Schedule and Management - If you don't care for time then it will kill your dreams
  2. Short Notes - For quick revision is a must
  3. Hard Work - Mehant karne walo ki har nahii hoti aur bhaithe rahne se naiya par nahi hoti
  4. Always keep your dream to become CA in your mind. It will help one to overcome negativity and fear about examination and results.



By following these things I gave my exams WITHOUT any fear to fail, and this confidence and faith did not let me down. I cleared my CA FINAL in ONE GO.


I want to thank my family especially my Father and my Brother only because of their support and motivation I was able to keep my confidence going. They BELIEVED in me whenever my heart and mind wanted to quit CA.


So next time if anyone says your an average student, you don't know proper English - Take me as an example and BELIEVE ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE," she concluded.


She can be reached at

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