30+ Forensic Accounting Firms in Australia To Apply For Jobs

Forensic Accounting Firms in Australia

Today we are sharing the list of  30+ Forensic Accounting Firms in Australia Where You Can Apply For a Job. These are just a few famous Forensic Firms in Australia. Hope this helps you.

International Forensic Accounting Firms

Forensic Accounting is just not for large accounting firms. Even small firms have recognized the growth potential of the forensic accounting field.

Other than Big 4 Accounting Firms many other small/mid-sized firms are working in the Field of Forensic Audit.

So if you are not getting an opportunity in a Big 4 Firm or a Big 10 Firm start your Forensic Accounting Journey in other equally amazing smaller firms. Toshaj from India started his journey from a small firm and then moved to a Big firm - PwC.

List of Forensic Accounting Firms in Australia 

Now there are a lot of Forensic Accounting firms in Australia as well.

Forensic Accounting in Australia is more Prevention driven, unlike in India where it is investigation-driven.

CA ANZ has recently (2018) introduced the Forensic Accounting specialization module in its Chartered Accountancy qualification a qualified Chartered Accountant from The Institute in Chartered Accountants of Australia and New Zealand (CAANZ) has a similar experience, they can enroll in this module.

For details please visit Member services Forensic.

Listed below (in no specific order) a few Forensic Accounting Firms in Australia (Source Online)

In Conclusion...

  • If you have no experience in Forensic Accounting and Big 4 Firms DO NOT select you, do not worry! Apply to the other firms.
  • The learning in mid-sized Forensic Accounting firms is phenomenal.
  • Network and join various courses so you can meet other Forensic Accountants.
  • So all of you DO NOT STOP and chase what you want. Everything is possible.
  • Pursue related courses/certifications.
  • Remember it is not necessary to be a Chartered Accountant or a CPA to be a Forensic Accountant.


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