[Video] Fireside Chat with the CFO of Spencer’s Retail and Natures Basket on Digital Transformation and his role as a CFO

  • Meet Tanmay Kumar, a Chartered Accountant and the CFO of Spencer’s Retail & Natures Basket, who has over 21 years of experience and has worked in consumer industries like FMCG, and Quick Service Restaurants (QSR) before working in Retail.
  • From working with BI Tools to setting up ERP solutions, Tanmay has been an early adopter of technology. It is not surprising that he believes that an evolved CFO’s role is to ensure a holistic 360-degree approach!
  • To understand how he has adapted to the digital scenario over the years, we spoke to Tanmay to learn about his journey towards becoming a Digital CFO as part of our Digital Transformation series powered by Dell Technologies.

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