Finance Professionals got candid about their father's role in their lives

Happy Father's Day from the Finance and Business Community

There probably have been some moments in your life when you thought of telling your father how much he means to you, but then decided against it.

Don't wait for the "right moment" to show your gratitude towards him, because time does not stand still. 

This Father’s day, it was great to see people in Business and Finance get candid about their Dad’s on LinkedIn. 

We thought it would be great to collate a few candid conversations of founders talking about their fathers. 



Maheshwer Peri, Founder, and Chairman of Careers360 reminisces how his dad shaped his son's character.

“I was 14 when I left home. My dad was unwell for a prolonged period and he decided to keep me away from the situation. Like many others, I wanted to do engineering but I was an average student. 

When I did get admission into a residential college, fully funded by the government, my family grabbed the offer, as they could little afford to pay the fees of private colleges. 

I had a blow hot, blow cold relationship with my dad. We would play cards (Bridge). I disagreed with him many times and protested/fought with him most of the time. The college used to mail the report card directly to the parents. 

To my chagrin, I realised that most of my relatives knew my marks. I wanted them under wraps while he would show them off. 

As I stayed in a hostel, our distance grew. However his pride in me only increased. But my dad’s health worsened.

I wanted to do an MBA but my dad wanted me to be a CA. Against his wishes, I entered electoral politics and suffered for it. When I took on the left-wing student organizations and defeated them, I was physically attacked. I had to leave college. 

I returned for good after writing my final exam, only because of my dad. One night, he called me out loudly. As I rushed and held dad in my arms, he passed away. It was a massive heart attack. My results came a week later. I passed as he wanted, with marks he would be proud of. 

A few days later, I appeared for my Osmania MBA entrance and failed. 

Left with no options, I enrolled for the CA exam, as per my dad’s wish. I was an all-India topper in my CA exam but he wasn't around, to boast about it. 

I wish I could have acknowledged him more, understood his pride in me better, and responded to him with love.

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Raja Lahiri’s dream was to pursue cricket but influenced by his father, he pivoted to pursuing Chartered Accountancy. This provided him the opportunity to explore the world of business, finance.


CA Prachi Mittal shared a very courageous and inspiring story of donating her kidney to her dad at the age of just 21. 

It's commendable she made her dream come true of seeing her father healthy. This is one such story that, shows that hearts filled with gratitude can be so courageous.

You are one inspiring woman Prachi. 

Every child to a father is a ray of hope for a better life, not just financially but emotionally too. 


Aviral Bhatnagar, VC at Venture Highway says 

As a kid, I remember growing up with my mother while my Dad seemed far away. 

It was Mom all the time. School, food, friendships, parties, she was the centre of my life. 

My Dad came across as fair but tough. Beyond dinner table conversations, I was probably simply scared of him. 

As I was about to enter 10th grade, Dad and I had our first “deep” conversation. I liked physics and was thinking of doing science. 

Preparing for IIT JEE seemed like the appropriate next step. 

Contrary to my expectations, Dad suggested I go to a low-attendance school for 11th/12th. Mom was shocked because both of us thought I would go to a prestigious one.

Dad logically suggested that it would be tough for me to prepare for the JEE and do high-intensity school. I agreed with his logic, but all my friends made me think it was a suicidal decision.

I took the leap of faith with Dad’s support, the first of many. It worked, and I made it.

Contrary to expectations, I took Engineering Physics rather than the more popular engineering branches. Having realized I loved working with people and not machines, I wanted to get into business. 

India was my choice, but all my batchmates were obsessed with the US

Yet again, my Dad logically articulated why India was the future, and I decided to do an MBA in India. I remember Dad getting emotional for the first time when I got my acceptance. 

As I got older, Mom started telling me more stories about Dad. How he would come back from work, play with me, and put me to sleep. How he set up an expensive computer for us. How as a founder, he spent hours supporting Mom to build our family.

How he was always there, but perhaps like many Dads, unnoticed. 


Prashant Desai, head of strategy and investor relations at Burger King

Portrayed on father's day how life can be growing without a father around. 

He lost his father at the age of 7 to a heart problem. Prashant adds that this loss cannot be explained; how you miss the friendship, glare, guide, slap, hug, protection, and how he misses his father, with every breath. 

He encourages all Fathers to do this: 

  1. Eat less often (fasting is magic for longevity.
  2. Avoid sugar, meat, alcohol, and smoking. And Uric Acid! 
  3. Exercise 20 minutes every day (and build muscle). 
  4. Sleep eight hours, come what may. 
  5. Spend time with friends. They make you laugh. 
  6. Breathe. Meditate. Be grateful. 
  7. Read 15 minutes a day.

Do this, and I guarantee you, you will live at least 14 years longer, younger, and sharper than you are meant to.

It is not about how much your parents understand your point of view. It is about how much you understand your parents. They mean well and wisdom backs their decisions. Express yourself well.

Make them feel loved, wanted, important, and needed. Give them a place in your life when they are alive, not when they are dead and gone.

Happy Father’s Day!

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