[Upcoming Series] Finance : 2022 and Beyond Series Powered by Qapita discusses all the trends that will define 2022

There is a new world order out there, thanks to rapid digitalization.

Technology has taken over our lives, bringing about the realignment of businesses and finance. 

While the finance industry continues to grapple with its physical legacy, countless opportunities are emerging for financiers and finance professionals. However, one cannot grab the opportunities if they do not stay up-to-date with this fast-growing digital world.

Finance: 2022 and Beyond Series Powered by Qapita – a digital equity management platform, is here to discuss all the trends that will define 2022 and the future of finance.

The series made by the finance community, for the finance community, aims to put forward different perspectives on a number of topics, including forensic and cyber security, employee stock option plans (ESOP), cryptocurrency, CFO evolution, and leadership roles as well as the future of auditing among others.

Our notable guests from tech-savvy accounting firms, forensics as well as business and financial advisory services are here to walk you through the ever-changing ecosystem.

Will Artificial Intelligence (AI) and blockchain change the finance sector drastically?

Should finance professionals take the lead in joining start-ups?

Find answers to these questions and more on how you could grow in this modern environment with the help of finance professionals who have over two decades of experience in their respective fields.


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