Why this CA Final student decided to switch from TR Chadha & Co. to a small-sized firm for his articles. How he made the decision?

None of my family members or relatives is a Chartered Accountant (CA) and that is the reason why I decided to pursue CA and break the mold. Being a straight-A student I thought the CA exams would be a piece of cake, I was wrong. I could not clear my CA Intermediate on the first attempt and that brought me back down to earth. Therefore I took the practical decision of attempting both groups of CA Intermediate separately and got 4 exemptions surprisingly. Then for my articleship, I got into T R Chadha & Co LLP in their statutory audit department back in February 2020. Statutory audit is usually conducted in a traditional way, but that changed when work from home started in March and we all had to conduct statutory audits virtually. When the second wave of Covid came I realized that I had already gained all the experience that I wanted from this field. So to learn something new I shifted to a much smaller firm. Here I got to experience a variety of areas such as tax, accounting, etc. In the end, all I want to say is “do not be afraid to take bold steps”

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