Season 2: Decoding the Digital Transformation journey of CFOs and what CTOs/ CIOs think of the evolving CFO role

Thank You to everyone who followed us in our Digital Transformation Season One powered by Dell Technologies.

In our Season One Series, we spoke to 9 CFOs and 3 Managing Partners of CA Firms to understand how technology has helped their role evolve.

Here are their names and the link to their articles:

1. Vikas Jain, CFO, ADAMA India: Vikas who has been with ADAMA for over 10 years shares his thoughts on his role as the India CFO, how he has embraced technology and how he keeps himself updated to grow into a more EMPOWERED DIGITAL CFO.

2. Vikas Wadhawan, CFO, Elara Technologies (, Here Vikas shares what it is like being a CFO of a leading DIGITAL REAL ESTATE COMPANY where TECHNOLOGY IS THE DNA and how technology has led to the evolution of his role as a CFO.

3. Tanmay Kumar, CFO, Nature’s Basket and Spencer’s Retail: From working with BI Tools to setting up ERP solutions, Tanmay has been an early adopter of technology. It is not surprising that he believes that an evolved CFO’s role is to ENSURE A HOLISTIC 360-DEGREE APPROACH!

4. Prashant Mehra, COO & Partner, Grant Thornton Bharat: Prashant mentions that, since Grant Thornton Bharat believes in a People first approach, they understood the technical requirements early on accelerating their decision-making process. Here he shares how the 5000+ people firm has EMBRACED DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION.

5. Ajay Sethi, Managing Partner, ASA & Associates: ASA is one of India’s leading accounting and consulting firms dealing with clients from around the globe and has a team that has grown to over 700 professionals over the past 3 decades. Ajay, the 56-year old Managing Partner shares how he has hired the right team to LEAD THE DIGITAL INITIATIVE AT THE ACCOUNTING FIRM.

6. Rajat and Gaurav Mohan, Managing Partner and CEO, AMRG & Associates: The Mohan Brothers took the family firm AMRG & Associates from a team of 10 in 2010 to 100 in 2021. With the growing firm needs and DIGITIZATION BEING AT THE FOREFRONT, they have adopted technology in all three areas: Assurance, Litigation, and Compliance. Here they share the exact strategies.

7. Sabyasachi Mohapatra, CFO,  ITP Aero (A Rolls-Royce Company): understand his journey in exploring technology and administering his role across various functions within the company. 

8. Deepak Aggarwal and Mayur Modi, Founders, MoneyBoxx Finance: We spoke to the two CA co-founders as to how they are USING TECHNOLOGY to break into this difficult segment of SMALL-TICKET UNSECURED BUSINESS LOANS while maintaining best-in-class asset quality.

9. Lalit Valecha, Partner, Ahuja Valecha & Associates: Here CA Lalit shares all the tech developments by the firm, how do they go about the implementation, how do they budget for it, the implementation challenges of new technology, etc. He further mentions that COLLABORATION, AUTOMATION OF WORKFLOWS, POWER TOOLS, etc.. have all become a part of their culture, without which they don’t move an inch!

10. Vidhya Srinivasan, CFO, Bata India: Here Vidhya shares her journey as CFO when she became a first-time CFO in 2013 and how her roles have evolved over the years. Vidhya has also been very candid about making a lot of efforts to UNDERSTAND TECHNOLOGY.

11. MP Vijay Kumar, CFO, Sify Technologies: MPV started as an Investment Banker, later as a Practicing Chartered Accountant and for more than a decade now, as the CFO of Sify Technologies. Here he shares his PERSPECTIVE ON DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION and how he has used technology and transformed the business model at SIFY FROM B2C TO B2B.

12. Rakhi Aswal, CFO, Saxo Group India: Here Rakhi shares the role she plays in TECHNOLOGY DECISIONS at the FINTECH COMPANY.

The series got a terrific response with almost 1,50,000 plus views and over 400 comments from the finance community saying how much they got to learn and how relatable their journey is with respect to the role of technology and digital transformation in the finance industry.

To continue and empower The Finance Community, we are now Launching Season Two of DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION Powered by Dell Technologies.

Season 2 will bring you perspectives of not just the CFOs but also the CTOs/CIOs of finance organizations to understand how according to them CFOs are creating an impact on the digital front and the changing roles.

There will be an in-depth discussion on the FUTURE ROLE OF CFOs.

Thank you all for the continued support and a big thank you to Dell Technologies for helping us bring about this series. 

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