Decoding The Digital Transformation Journey of CFOs as well as Managing Partners at CA Firms

Although employment and businesses had seen a downslide in 2020, this new year calls for better preparedness. So, most businesses have switched to remote working and have started seeking digital solutions for their problems. Hence, without a doubt, digital transformation is the need of the hour.

Often considered the most traditional role in a company, the CFO function now faces changing requirements and expectations from external and internal stakeholders created by digitalization.

Today’s CFO must be able to drive digital transformation and actively contribute to the change of an organization. Digital readiness helps companies ensure business continuity in challenging business and market situations.

There always has been a stereotype concerning CFOs but we are so proud to find that many CFOs are now adopting digital technology and working towards complete digital transformation.

Our vision has always been to provide the latest news and resources to our finance graduates and industry professionals. Hence, we have partnered with Dell Technologies to bring you an exclusive ‘Digital Transformation’ series where we will be featuring conversations with some of the finest CFOs and Managing Partners in the industry to understand their journey of transforming into a Digital CFO.

From cloud structures, cybersecurity, optimizing technology, fulfilling service verticals to increasing visibility, we will be discussing all about it.

We hope that this series will give you the much-needed insights into the role CFOs are playing to bring about digital transformations and the challenges they face. So, stay tuned as we step into this discourse surrounding digital transformation.

We also wish that you will give it just as much love and attention as you have always done.

If you have any more suggestions on topics to cover kindly write to us at

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