[VIDEO] Meet This Chartered Accountant Who Started Her Own Business in Dubai After Motherhood


  • They say it’s no longer about work-life balance, but rather about work like integration. This story is especially for women, who in this day and age, have to manage a home as well as a career.
  • Today we have Arshi Kaura a qualified Chartered Accountant sharing her journey of qualifying CA, moving to Dubai, working in a corporate and quitting it all to start her own.
  • Today, after 8 years of establishing her own consultancy business - Legends Accounting Services, Arshi has offices across the UAE, Australia and India.
  • Arshi Kaura’s life story will resonate with many young women Chartered Accountants who have budding corporate careers.

My Journey Starting an Accounting Firm in Dubai

I moved to Dubai after qualifying as a Chartered Accountant.

I worked for a few years in Dubai. However right before I was about to have my first daughter, I decided to move from having a corporate career to being an entrepreneur. Not only did that give me the flexibility to take care of my child, but also the vision to broaden my horizon and unlock my true potential.

In July 2011, I started Legends Accounting Services in Dubai and today after 8 years we have expanded in different countries.

I had several challenges in this journey but with the support of my family and husband, I kept going. It is not easy being an entrepreneur and running a business for that matter it is not even easy working in a Corporate.

My only goal in sharing my journey is to inspire others to follow your heart and always stay grateful.

Now It's Your Turn...

Would you do something like Arshi?

Have you given starting a business a thought?

You can connect with Arshi on LinkedIn at - Arshi Kaura 

Videography by Shashank Ashok

Video Editing by Mishel Almeida

Image Editing by Ankit Lodhi

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