My Journey From a Proud Chaiwala's Son to a Chartered Accountant

  • There are times in life when we blame our circumstances. We tend to compare our lives with others and feel if we had what they have maybe our lives would be better. But this is not my story.
  • Hi, I am Gaurav Pandit, a Chartered Accountant from India.
  • I grew up in Jamshedpur, Jharkhand in India and my dad is a Chaiwalla (owned a tea stall).
  • Since my brother and I were very bright students we were accepted in one of the best schools in Jamshedpur on a scholarship.
  • Growing up life was tough and we faced several financial challenges including being ridiculed at school as most students were rich.
  • Here is my story of how I overcame challenges, became a CA and very proud of my family.

Journey while Growing up

Dad had to mortgage mom’s only jewelry so that my brother Govinda and myself could study in one of the best schools - Little Flower School Jamshedpur.

Being academically bright, our principal took our condition into consideration and waived our school fees until grade 6. However, when the expenses could not be managed, my mother took to stitching to support the family. 

School was a difficult place where we brothers grew among other kids maximum of who were born into rich families.

My dad runs a 'TEA STALL' (in Azad Market, Telco, Jamshedpur) which we were and are very PROUD of and always helped him in the shop.

At times we were even criticized by other classmates as we came from a totally different background. It used to be tough to hear their disheartening and demoralizing comments. However, we (my brother and me) never paid any heed to it because of the solid upbringing by our parents and always gave our best in studies. I always topped school.

My Chartered Accountancy Journey

With tremendous support from my father and brother Govinda, I managed to graduate from the prestigious Goenka College, Calcutta.

In order to earn some extra income, I used to give tuitions as well. My brother was pursuing Chartered Accountancy and that's how I was inspired to be a Chartered Accountant.

I cleared CPT (1st level CA exam) in the 1st attempt.

Then came IPCC (2nd level CA exam which consists of 2 groups - Group 1  & Group 2). I cleared only IPCC Group 1 in the 1st attempt and IPCC failed Group 2.

This was my first FAILURE ever in studies but I was still really happy because I could start with my articles and earn while studying. (Articleship means an internship. It is for a 3 year period.)

I worked for long hours during my articles and at times even on Sundays so as to earn a better stipend.

I somehow kept failing in IPCC - Group 2. It was upsetting but I was still filled with enthusiasm and energy. I always READ about successful Chartered Accountant students to keep me going. My teacher Mr. Shaw was great support and kept motivating me throughout. Finally, in the 3rd attempt, I cleared IPCC GRP 2.

CA Final and Personal Struggle

Life was going on well until my dad started suffering from health problems, he started aging very fast. It was getting difficult for him to run his tea stall which was our only income.

Here my brother stepped in and took all the responsibility to look after my father’s illness and also run the tea stall.

All this while my brother had to stop his CA studies so that I could study with the least difficulty. He played the biggest role in making me what I am today.

Then came the biggest challenge, when just 6 months before my CA Final Exam (the last level CA exam. This exam again consists of 2 groups, Group 1 and Group 2), my Dad suffered a stroke. The stroke hit all of us bad financially and emotionally.

With all these difficulties I still gave my CA Final exam. I FAILED that attempt and the next attempt as well.

At times I felt like QUITTING CA because it was taking an attempt after attempt and with the circumstances at home, my family needed my support.

However every time I failed I REMINDED myself the hard work that my parents had put in all through these years. I knew that without becoming a Chartered Accountant I couldn’t help my father’s condition. So I kept pushing.

It is said that when one has the DETERMINATION, SUCCESS finds its way!!! Finally, in my CA Final 3rd attempt Nov'16 I cleared my CA - Final Exam...I was now a Chartered Accountant.

The happiest people on earth that day was my family who worked 'hand in hand' to help me pass this course.

I got an amazing opportunity at Tata Hitachi Construction Machinery as a Finance Manager, my dad is back to his tea stall all recovered with no signs of illness and my brother Govinda has started his CA studies again.

Wrapping up...

  • The one thing required is BELIEF in self along with PATIENCE.
  • One cannot just ride on “LUCK” and expect miracles. If you put in HARD WORK AND HAVE FAITH in yourself then NOTHING CAN STOP YOU.
  • Avoid SELF PITY.
  • Also, whatever is your father's job/profession FEEL PROUD AND BE PROUD.
  • We all have the POWER & ABILITY to create a better life for ourselves.

Now It's Your Turn...

What challenges have you faced in your journey or what are you facing? Comment below and let us know.

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