[Video] Meet this Chartered Accountant Who Lost His Legs in a Train Accident But Did Not Give Up

Meet this Chartered Accountant Who Lost His Legs in a Train Accident But Did Not Give Up

Falgun Shah was studying to be a Chartered Accountant when in a tragic train accident he lost both his limbs.

This accident changed his life overnight and crushed his dreams. But he did not give - instead fought all challenges, completed his CA, and started his career in Dubai.

Today Falgun is a Qualified Chartered Accountant, CFM, M.com and Direct Tax Practioner working in Dubai (UAE) and is well settled and happily married with a son.

Presently he works in Dubai and simultaneously has his own Accounting, Taxation Training, and Outsourcing Consultancy - Accountswale.in. He is also Toastmaster, an avid reader, and an occasional blogger.

.In this video all he wants to share is - How CA has transformed his life from 'disabled to differently-abled.

In Conclusion...

I have learned a lot in the last 17 years. It is not your aptitude but your attitude that will determine your altitude.

Realize that when you feel like giving up, you may just be inches away from the winning line.

As Tony Robbins rightly puts it - It is your DECISIONS and NOT YOUR CONDITIONS that determine your destiny.

He went through it – she went through it – Why can’t you?  Take one step forward and remember most of the quitters quit when they are just two meters away from the winning line.

Never measure the height of a mountain, until you have reached the top.

Now It's Your Turn!!!

What is STOPPING you from achieving your dreams?

I could be reached at cafalgunshah@gmail.com or on LinkedIn at - CA Falgun Shah

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