About us

Who we are:

Our parent company The Finance Story gives voice to Finance professionals and students. It offers real-stories of grit, passion, determination.

The Finance Story Learning while bearing some of the same DNA, provides experiential learning for finance professionals. We aim to empower finance students and professionals with real-life career advice from finance leaders from all over the world.

We also help you to find the right mentors to take your career to the next level.

Why Build The Finance Story Learning

We started The Finance Story Media (earlier The CA Story) in 2017 intending to empower as well as celebrate finance professionals and students. Over the years, we have featured hundreds of professionals across the world and impacted more than one million students and professionals.

We continued getting requests from our readers to cover beyond stories. So, in 2021 we are launching a Video Learning segment sharing experiential learnings of finance leaders and experts from all over the world.

This is our endeavor to empower you.

We are ready to go beyond and above to empower the finance community and help you build a successful finance career.

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