12 Questions with the General Counsel & Company Secretary at Boeing India: Dr. Akhil Prasad

Hi! I am Dr. Akhil PrasadCountry Counsel and Company Secretary at Boeing, India.



What is it being a Director Country Counsel and Company Secretary at Boeing India

What is your role at Boeing


I grew up in Meerut (India) and by all means, I was born with a silver spoon in my mouth. However, everything started to change when our family businesses started to flounder and the family went into deep financial problems.


What is your view on work life balance


From being rejected at 15 interviews to traveling in a crowded chartered bus for 10 long years to losing my dad at a young age to losing my job – God has been kind that I have come a long way.



Facing and dealing with Criticism

Do you have a mentor?


The support of my family and my desire to upskill myself at every given opportunity, helped my career to thrive! 


What have failures taught you?

If you have to start all over what would you do differrently?


I have come to realize that – Life is full of obstacles and the one who keeps learning and walking, is one who will always succeed.


Daeling with being laid off from your job?

Two things noone knows about you


You can read my entire story here.


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